midweSTYLE: Springtime catch

It was 81º in Columbia, Mo. yesterday when I passed through on my way back to Chicago. Fitting for it being the first weekday of spring. Also fitting that when I drove by, the gentlemen who live at one of my old East Campus hangouts were out throwing the ball around after class.
When I look at this picture of Cam, I get this iconic, 1950s image of a dad playing catch with the ankle-biters after a tough day at work. An escape from the seriousness of adult life—or in this case, class in a stuffy lecture hall—and a way to return to carefree boyhood distractions. (Not that he has any idea what what the real world is like—he’s still living in a college dreamland. Which reminds me: Cam, you’re kicked off the site.)

Untuck that classic white oxford, roll up the sleeves, and pound the glove.
Spring’s here. And soon, summer. Time to open the windows, air out the house, and let the breeze rustle the curtains.
Vintage, U.S.-made oxford (free, from dad’s closet) by Gant, size 15-33; Broken-in chinos (retail, $65) by J. Crew, size 31; braided belt (thrifted, $3); laceless Top-Siders (retail, $70) by Sperry, size 10.

Photos by Seth Putnam.

Lily - Love the chinos, so pretty

Lily @ wear with chinos

nancerthedancer07 - I came across your blog recently, and I just wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoy it. Especially all the Mizzou references…I live on College Ave (only for a few more months though!) Keep it up.

Christina - I love it when men wear rolled chinos. This is such a great look.

Seth J. Putnam - I have old-man strength.

Cameron - I swear, Seth, if you try and kick me off the blog one more time…

Just remember, I’m bigger than you. Way bigger than you.


They usually don’t call you “The King of Cool” without good reason. McQueen’s life reads a little bit like your favorite novel. Here are the Sparknotes for McQueen’s journey into stardom:

Father abandons mother and son when he’s six months old, mother is unable to raise son alone so she sends him to his grandparent’s farm (which, in this case, was in Slater, Missouri), son is in and out of trouble, moves back in with mom, goes back to farm, joins the circus (no, I’m not kidding), reunites with his mother in the big city (Los Angeles), joins a gang, commits petty crime, gets sent to a boys reform school in Chico, graduates and eventually joins the Marines, receives an honorable discharge 3 years later, uses the money from his G.I. Bill to study acting, begins to race motorcycles on the weekend to make ends meet while playing small roles in play productions, works his way into bigger parts, gets launched into limelight after acting alongside Frank Sinatra in Never So Few, earns and executes an exceptional performance in his first starring role in The Magnificent Seven, the legacy begins, and boom goes the dynamite.

Note: McQueen used to demand bulk goods (jeans, electric razors, etc.) from the studios he did work for. It was later discovered that he would donate these items to the boys at the reform school he attended as a kid.

FAVORITE: Filson Tote

In my undergraduate years, I often carried a North Face backpack like any public university student. It was practical: It held my Nalgene bottle, protected my laptop and hauled my books. It was “normal” to have one. However, when I was pretending to be important in my liberal arts classes, I often carried a briefcase, tote or leather bag.
 Once I graduated, I knew I wasn’t going to carry around my beloved North Face backpack to coffee shops and travel, let alone to job interviews and formal outings. I needed a new bag that spoke to my “not-so-professional-but-I-want-to-be-a-young-professional” stage of life.
Filson tote provided that transition. Practical, functional, and it looks sharp. I can carry it to coffee shop and pretend to look important. I can carry it to a less formal job interview to house my portfolio and laptop. Or even throw some clothes in it and jetset. It’s one of my favorites.
Small tote bag ($90 retail, $45 on eBay) by Filson; Salmon puff “lifejacket” vest (thrift store, $4); “The Henley” 14-ounce Karabo dry selvedge (Standard Style, $200) by Baldwin Denim;

Xiao - Really like the Filson bag. How long is the drop of the leather handle.

Jeff - David – Haha, I’ll send Papa Filson and email from his boys at the Midwestyle. They also have a Log Carrier, that I know I would probably use to hold toilet paper.

Lisa – Thanks friend! We’re working on those features. I’m working full-time, Seth does freelance full-time and Cam is in school full-time….but we’re making time!

Nils – I checked out Beckel, it was a little too modern & sterile for my likings. Great price points & crisp though! Thanks for the suggestion, perhaps I’ll do a bag/tote round up.

APR – Many thanks, APR! We’re glad that so many women are enjoying it, along with men. We’re flattered for all the great feedback & praises.

APR♥ - Like Lisa, I am an early twentys female, but totally fell in love with this blog as soon as I started reading. It’s so refreshing to see guys that give a damn about their appearance and dress smart!!!!

Nils - Don’t get me wrong – I love Filson, spent $$ on a work bag I use everyday and am from the PNW, but their totes are totally overrated. You need to check out Beckel Canvas for the understated, cool and functional – beckelcanvas.com . Eena is where it’s at.

Lisa - Love the vest! I’m not a guy (I’m a mid 20′s female), but I have to say that I love, LOVE your guys’ blog. As an avid reader of female fashion blogs, this is the first male blog I’ve read that shows young men who are into both fashion and thrifting, and doing so in a way that is current and wearable. I love reading it! Keep up the great work and I’m waiting to see you guys expand your tab on thrifting!

David - Wickedly cool look man, very at home there in the tall grass. The tote looks good too, carried by the handles as it was meant to be. I’ve seen some guys try to rock the tote and wind up looking effeminate enough to be on their way to the salon instead of the pub. You should email Filson and make them include that last photo in their next ad campaign, it looks that badass.

Thrifty Thursday: Jack Spade & ties

It had been a while since I really scored at Cargo Largo. Cargo Largo, you say? Why yes, my friend. Cargo Largo. The artist formerly known as “RSO” in the lovely Independence, Missouri. Surely you’ve heard of this city before in the Midwest. Noteworthy mentions of Independence:
And Cargo Largo. In short, it’s the island of misfit toys that were damaged freight, marred, on clearance or something to the effect of “Well, I guess we can sell it here.” Enter the glass case in the designer/boutique selection. Overcrowded and scratched, the glass cases house many treasures and bargains. Jack Spade waxwear canvas dopp kit? Alright.
WHAT & WHY SO MUCH? What’s wrong with it? I mean, my last Dopp kit was a Ziploc bag. Regular: $145, sale $60. I’ll have this thing for the rest of my life. It’s sharp looking.
BUT WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY ZIPLOC BAG DOPP KIT? I know. How embarrassing. That was my travel Dopp kit. Until I got this bad boy. Organized, clean—and I’m not going to throw it away at the end of the weekend.
THE ICING: These ties. Cheap, cheap, cheap.


Jeff - Kstan0211 – I used it this past week in Chicago and loved it. Didn’t have to worry about losing anything. I’m a treasure hunter, I love to look & find!


kstan0211 - My fiance has the same Dopp kit (which I also steal). I can vouch that it will last forever because we abuse this thing. Nice find!

Also I’m so impressed with your thrifting skills. How do you have the patience for it?! As a woman who loves shopping, I’m a terrible thrift shopper.

midweSTYLE: Gazebo

With the warm weather being ushered in each week, we’re ready for spring.

Then it snows. Then it’s sunny again the next day to melt the snow, followed by another snow.

Welcome to weather in the Midwest. The weather is what you will it to be. Throw a cuff in your khakis and a tie on your button down.

We proudly roll our chinos occasionally. Gotta keep up with the times. Wanna learn how? Check out the Gilt MANual.

Shawl-collar cardigan ($60) by J.Crew; deadstock tie (eBay, lot of seven for $14); khaki pants (Urban Outfitters, $60) by Paul Frank, chestnut Longwings (thrifted, $4), size 10; “The Paulie” Chambray three-quarter sleeve shirt (Standard Style, $90) by Baldwin Denim.

If you tumble, check out our tumblr: www.themidwestyle.tumblr.com

Photography by Jarred Donalson,
great day for a great shoot by a great photographer.

Marta - in england there’s a joke that posh people use odd words to describe getting significantly drunk. one of those jokes is: “oh, oh, and i got toootaly gazeboed last night!”

Jeff - Cameron – that’s the first lesson in a happy relationship: “She’s always right.”

Someone please back me on this…

Cameron - David – thank you, sir! I nearly passed them up, then my girlfriend told me I would be an idiot to do so. She’s always right.

Leilani – yeah, that plaid is one of my favorites. They’re all pretty loud actually, which is nice (I wear a lot of solid blue and white oxfords, so some color helps).

DC – you’re too kind, my friend.

Daniel Cummings - Looking sharp as always.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) - You got a great deal on those ties, love the colour of that plaid.

The chambray shirt is rockin’ too, I’ve been wanting to try out that look as well.

David - Awesome look, I like how the tie adds a nice pop of color. Also, those shoes are brilliant, excellent find.

mallory wiegers - cam, those shoes are good. REAL GOOD.