This shirt blows

…because it’s full of wind currents.


A few years ago, I fell in love with this Carven women’s collection of map printed clothing and wanted to get a piece of my own. Turns out, no luck for men. So after a quick eBay search, I nabbed this “map print” shirt and have enjoyed it since. It’s relaxed fit makes it ideal for warm weather and I couldn’t be happier with the gorgeous map print.

A few printed + patterned shirts for you. Bonus: They’re on sale!

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 8.25.46 PM

Seth J. Putnam - This shirt is dope.

Warm weather wares: yours for the aping.

Let’s get you squared away for what to wear this summer. My favorite items that I know and love are featured below and are yours for the aping.

1st look) Why isn’t there a new Brand New album? Dude, I have no clue. Let the sadness continue with all black, just trim your toe nails and don’t cut them like talons. That’s gross.

2nd look) Are those old pennies in your pocket or are you just a toddler? Take a note from your nephew. Sneakers, striped tee and grey shorts. Get on it. You’ve got all of these things REMEMBER!

3rd look) What are these WASPy friends for anyway? White denim club. You’ve got a pair. And your chambray shirt is always on tune year round!


Tops: Basic black tee ($80) by Rag & Bone, Striped tee ($88) by Steven AlanIndigo madras shirt ($58) by Gant Rugger.

Bottoms: Grey twill shorts ($95) by Save Khaki, Sureshot chino ($99) by Zanerobe, Thin Finn white denim ($168) by Nudie Jeans.

Shoes: “Arizona” slides ($98) by Birkenstocks, Cotu classic sneakers ($68) by Superga, Linen espadrilles ($52) by Soludos.

Whenever I pack for a weekend trip 20 minutes before I leave the house, I throw in a denim or chambray shirt, white denim, a stripe tee, black tee, black denim, and a pair of Soludos (still got my pair from last year!). Take a look at what I wore two springs ago (right here) or see what I was playing around late last summer  (not much has changed, tbh.)

the Chicago Chic - Cool looks! Check out our latest post and let us know what you think ;)

6 black tees (or TTTTTT)

Got Wang taste but a Hanes budget?

Dude, I understand. I got you. No sweat. These tees won’t show it either.


L to R: Angled hem ($28) by Urban Outfitters, Crewneck ($15) by Everlane, Drop-tail rounded neck ($28) by Urban Outfitters.


Viscose ($10) by American Apparel, Wide-neck ($18) by Urban Outfitters, Le Big ($30) by American Apparel.

Different cuts, fits, necklines and fabrications give the old Hanes a break. I personally dig the Viscose one from American Apparel right now. It’s very lightweight and has a good hang to it. Plus, it’s on sale. And while you’re at it, pick up two.

–Do you have any favorite tees that aren’t under shirts?

Chandler Boyce - AS colour has great shirts

Daniel Garber - My favorite cheaper black shirt is Banana Republic black crew neck.

Hues For You: Navy

When I think about men’s wardrobes, I automatically think that the color navy is really boring. This is coming from the guy whose wardrobe is 70% navy, because I love it, even if it is boring. So I got to thinking, how can I wear navy in an interesting way? I realized its not so much how I wear it, but how the piece in question stands out in its own way. Navy pieces can definitely be interesting, classic and wearable, but the devil is in the details. What makes that piece interesting? Is it the texture (soft cashmere, lustrous linen, nappy tweed), is it the details (elbow patches, contrast stitching, graphic lines or elements), is it the fit (slim and tailored or drape-y and loose) or is it another element? So this, sirs, is what I challenge both you and myself with when it comes to buying/wearing Navy or other neutrals.

So when I challenged myself with attention to detail, I couldn’t help but notice all of this great navy in menswear accessories. navy

So, starting from bottom left and moving our way upward; here’s the round up.

1. Saturdays Surf does it again with this Jeremiah CPO Jacket. Traditionally, the CPO (chief petty officer’s) jacket was worn in the U.S. Navy. This wool version has what I’m looking for: texture, details (hidden side seam pockets) and fit. This is a great layering piece, whether throwing on as a jacket on cooler days or under your winter coat for added warmth. 

2. I’m a sucker for henleys. This Saturdays Surf Nolan henley meets my criteria of texture (jersey knit, oh so soft) and detail with the contrast ribbed neckline.

3. Navy. Now theres a color I don’t see often in eyeglasses, but thanks to Warby Parker, I do now. The Baxter in navy is a great and subtle hint of style, while being classic and wearable as well as affordable at just $95  a pair.

4. I’m one of those guys who likes his hair to look nice, but who hates to deal with it. Solution: baseball cap. This Todd SnyderXChampion  baseball hat is the answer. Made in the U.S., this hat is the perfect coverup for my Sunday morning bed head.

5. If you haven’t heard of Shinola by now, you should. Shinola is a Detroit based watch/leather/accessories based company that is combining the heritage of American craftmanship with art. You can find hand made watches, footballs, bicycles, journals and other accessories. I’m particularly fond of this leather envelope for my MacBook, which would wear greatly over time.

6. Topman sells this really great brand of shoe, House Of Hounds, that has this really great English sensibility. Mixed with my love for England and my love for loafers, these Navy Tassle Loafers caught my eye. These suede loafers mix my love of textiles with my love for line and graphic elements with the clean line on the upper of the shoe. I would wear these with a light wash denim, white oxford and a great shawl collar cardigan.

How do you like to wear navy?

***disclaimer-this post is a little old, but I hope you enjoy!


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