Friday Wrap-Up: Hey there, April, throw us a bone

So look, April. You’re being kind of being a tease, and we’re getting sick of it. You’re yes, then you’re no; you’re in, then you’re out; you’re up, then you’re down. But worst of all, you’re hot, then you’re cold. I mean, it was 71º last week for crying out loud.
Listen. We’ve got some good posts planned for springtime, and you’re really holding us back. So do you like us or not? Now that we’ve got the DTR out of the way, here’s a photo that’s more wishful thinking than anything else:
Straight henley weather. We’re over this layering bullshit.
Friday Wrap-up – If you’re just now joining us, here’s a throwback to a few of our posts you might have missed from previous weeks:
And from others we love around the Net (wait, is it not called that anymore?):

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) - Yes, Chicago is a cruel and sadistic mistress. Today was definitely the worse, icy winds and rain. Wearing a wool coat in winter is not fun. :(

Congrats on the Refinery 29 feature!

INSPIRATION: Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire

Each Sunday evening over the summer, a group of us Kansas City gentlemen would gather around the projector to drink booze and watch Boardwalk Empire. Each week we’d mix drinks, sit, watch some Scorsese and gulp sip down the scotch. We were enchanted by the boardwalk and gripped by the character development
We were also amazed and inspired by the classic ’20s menswear with its badass suits, fabrics and accessories. It wasn’t the suits and the swagger that particulary stuck out to me, it was more of one character’s utilitarian and rugged feel. Boardwalk Empire’s Jimmy Darmody is a character who’s hairstyle and wardrobe I’m all about right now.

No “dress” shoes today, even though Darmody would be rocking a sick pair of wingtips. I opted for my more casual Clarks. I’m sort of rocking a hybrid long hairstyle of his right now (short-ish sides, long on top, swept rakishly back and to the side), along with dark colors, shirts buttoned up without ties and general badass demeanor. Right? Ha. Right.

No, just leave it without the tie,” said Seth as I was preparing to head out the door. I thought, “Alright, we’ll try it.” So, I left it and actually liked it. That’s right about when I felt a little Boardwalk Empire with the shirt without the tie, buttoned all the way up.

Brown leather jacket and belt, black denim, grey utility shirt with a pop of burnt orange/red/sangria lining to match my laces on my brown boots. Hate it or love it, but I had fun with this look today.
“Slim Jim” dry black-coated denim (Standard Style, winter sale $75) by Nudie Jeans, size 31×34; 2-year-old leather Wallabees(Cargo Largo, sale $40) by Clark’s, size 11 w/ replacement “Sangria” laces (J.Crew, $4); “End-On-End” Utility Shirt (Oliver’s, $69.50) by J.Crew, slim small; leather bomber jacket (thrifted, $6.99) size 40; brown leather belt w/ brass (Country Club Plaza, winter sale $4.99) by J.Crew.

Tucker Leary - I’m so jealous of that jacket. Smaller things are always such a win for me when thrifting, I’ve found so many fantastic coats just to swim in them when I try them on.

Jenna Brucoli - The lining of that jacket is beyond amazing. You seriously always score the best thrifted pieces…I wish I had that kind of luck.

Emily Allison - what a fabulous ensemble! I adore the lining of this jacket, it’s like a little surprise! I have this coat with a mustard-colored lining and it’s quite spiffy.

Jeff - Well snap, I guess that’s what I get for paying $6.99 for a authentic leather jacket. Let me know if you can find a size 36 torso, 14.5 inch neck and long enough in the sleeves and torso that will fit my 6’2, 150lb runner frame that isn’t going to break the bank….

Shane B - Little loose around the belly and under the armpits, creates some bagginess around the biceps and midsection.

Seth J. Putnam - Nothing wrong with opinions. Care to elaborate?

Shane B - Pretty much how a leather jacket shouldn’t fit, IMO

FAVORITE: Patagonia + Field Notes

Seth’s blue Patagonia fleece jacket since 2002, Jeff’s yellow Patagonia synchilla “Snap-T” pullover since 2009 and Jeff’s fire red Patagonia down sweater jacket since 2011. County Fair State Edition of “Illinois” Field Notes.

THREE OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS: Patagucci Patagonia, Field Notes and primary colors.

Lallan - Love that navy blue one – any leads on the name/model? Might be able to track one down…

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) - I nearly bought those Field Notes books at Renegade a couple of weeks ago. Notebooks that match your Patagonias, nice!

ESSENTIALS: Jeff’s “Primary” Spring Outfit

Yellow rain jacket ($99) by The North Face, small; Navy “KC” hat ($42) by Baldwin Denim, 7 1/2; Wellington rain boots (eBay, sale $33) by Hunter, size 10; striped tee ($39) by American Apparel, small; packable down sweater/jacket (sale $140) by Patagonia, small; “The Henley” ($198) by Baldwin Denim, size 28.

I like primary colors, a lot.

BOOTS & TEE: I dig my Hunter rainboots and striped tee, but you already knew that.
JACKETS: I generally ask for an obnoxious color when it comes to footwear and outerwear. What’s great is that both of these items are packable, so I can throw these in my Filson tote at a moment’s notice.

ingres - where in the world can i find that north face jacket in that light of a yellow? I can never find it

kirst - this is a great way to setup an outfit – it’s easier to see how it’s going to all fit together versus when it’s already on you and i’m like “how did he come up with that?”
very cool.

Jake Wandel - Where’s your underwear?

mallory wiegers - things organized neatly

Friday Wrap-Up: End of March

Friday Wrap-Up: Posts that you may have missed this work that are worth checking out.

In other news…
When Will asks, we deliver.
It’s just that simple: Friday Presentations, (April) fools.

Jeff: “Slim Jim” dry coat black denim (Standard Style, winter sale $75) by Nudie Jeans, size 31×34; Salmon OCBD (Country Club Plaza, $69) by American Apparel, size small; mustard suede shoes (Nordstrom, winter sale $44) by 1901, size 11; grey charcoal blazer (Halls, sale $220) by Billtornade, small.

Seth: brown woven and tasseled loafers (thrifted, $6) by Giorgio Brutini, size 8; Nantucket “Davis”slim chino (Wicker Park, $68) by Club Monaco, size 29×32; White OCBD ($60) by J.Crew, slim small; Madras spring tie by J.Crew.

Photos by Oliver Drambour. Get on back to Chi soon, son.

Jeff - David – White boys can jump?

Plain T-Shirt - I think the black jeans are making coming around this summer; I’m a fan. Very fitting outfits.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) - The Midwestyle guys are masters of the jumping shot, I always look like a dork when I try it!

David - Jeff and Seth got hops.

The Common Grounds - Awesome photos. I’d probably sprain my ankle trying to do a karate kick like that!! Those chinos Seth has on are great, and nice for spring/summer. Keep it up!

Best Regards,

Rei Fernandez
The Common Grounds