Every Day Carry: Coach Field Bag

 October marks one year since I encountered Coach leather goods firsthand. Since then, the Legacy Field Bag has become the carrier I reach for nearly every day. Each dent and ding it picks up seems to add a little character, and in spite of a few scuffs it’s held up remarkably well. If that’s a preview of the quality, I’m should be in for a couple of good decades. (Side note: My one complaint with the bag is that both of the iconic Coach turnlock fasteners have popped off at one point or another. The folks at Coach quickly replaced the first one [+1 for customer service], but I have yet to call about the second. Hardware aside, the leather is top class.)

Let’s have a look under the hood and see what’s inside. Spoiler alert: There are a lot of nerdy magazine writer/editor things in here.


Top to bottom, left to right. First row:

Second row:



Let’s talk early-20-something finances.

You may be on your academic grind, looking to ace your next physics exam while struggle-studying your way to that business degree (all while being super pissed that your liberal arts curriculum demands you take a physics class to get a friggin’ business degree). Or you may be newly graduated, basking in the sun of full-fledged adulthood and itching to grab life by the proverbial bullhorns. Little did you know, however, that the bull came bearing gifts. Gifts that include but are not limited to: rent, utilities, car insurance, taxes you actually might have to file yourself, student-loan debt collectors, and a just-above-minimum-wage-paying job.

Whichever category you find yourself in, you probably don’t have much expendable income. How are you supposed to keep yourself clean behind the ears and looking fly without much excess cash? No worries, playboy, you just have to know where to find sartorial heaters on your newly-employed-Millennial budget. (And if you don’t even have a budget, this message is brought to you by Mint.com). Luckily, your boy has been (and still is) where you are. Remember, brethren, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Introducing this fall’s three best #peasantmenswear destinations:

  1. Target: Having added Phillip Lim to their growing list of designer collaborations—a list that also includes the likes of Rag & Bone and Odin New York—Target has seriously got their #luxe juices flowing. Some of their in-house Mossimo and Merona brand joints hit all the right feels as well. And all for less than a week’s worth of tips in an espresso-stained barista apron. (Merona wool overcoat, $80; Merona varsity jacket, $30; Mossimo cardigan, $25).
  2. Land’s End Canvas: I don’t know about you, man, but my dad shops almost exclusively at Land’s End. Like, he’s got LE catalogues for days just lying around the house. Little does he know, Land’s End’s little brother Canvas goes to the hole twice as hard. Smart, well-designed pieces that don’t break the bank. Plus, some of their best are currently on sale.
  3. JCPenney: Remember that time JCP hired Nick Wooster? And remember when he helped create the best men’s merchandise your-mom’s-favorite-department-store had ever seen? Turns out most suburban 40- and 50-something (your dad included) hate wearing clothes that actually fit, because pretty soon former CEO Ron Johnson and the Woost God were both out of the picture, along with the tailored silhouettes they had helped usher through the door. If you’re smart, you’ll pick up what’s left of the JCP line while it’s still available. And do your dad a favor and grab something for him, too.

Adieu to Summer: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

On a day that’s starting out at 30 degrees in Chicago, all I want to do is pretend it’s summer. Turns out, our friend and photographer extraordinaire Nathan Michael just released this video of a poker night he organized at Heritage Bicycle and General Store. In Nathan’s words: “There’s no grander way to say goodbye, than with a glass of bold whisky and a game of poker.”

Food came from Trenchermen; booze came from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. It was an evening of cards and merriment, and on this blustery morning I’m feeling nostalgic for warmer days. (Although, I have it on good authority that a few fingers of good scotch can indeed take the bite of winter.) See for yourself below, then read on.

Adieu to Summer from Nathan Michael on Vimeo.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has been ramping up their American outreach over the past year, and we’re actually pretty blown away by the concept. They bottle their own limited edition single cask whiskies from famous distilleries across the world (think: Laphroaig, Balvenie, Glenfiddich, etc.), except there’s a catch. Instead of labeling the bottles with these well-known names that might prejudice your taste, they use a numbering system that simply informs you which region the spirits came from. Then, they list off-the-wall tasting notes. For real. Check this out: “The reduced nose turned out apple and rhubarb crumble, banana loaf, gingerbread men and oranges in a canvas kit-bag.” Elsewhere, you’ll get “millionaire’s shortbread” and “saunas.”

Thus, they let you create your own relationship with a rare whisky that won’t be seen again. And for a drinking tip? They recommend “any time at all.” We can get behind that.

For more of Nathan’s work, follow @nathanmichael on Instagram and Twitter.

Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

An open letter to you, from our newest contributor, David Hall:

A lot of you reading this today were around about four or five years ago doing something pretty similar. You know, perusing the various OG #menswear blogs, parroting your favorite looks without shame, studying the gospel of Americana.

You started your day with a marathon viewing of Paul Newman and vintage Robert Redford slideshows (a lil’ inspiration with those Wheaties!) before lacing up your Red Wings, throwing on your friend’s Dad’s old, tweed blazer, and sneaking a peek at the cuffs on that selvage denim you knew would take a while to break in (but-dammit-if-I-could-just-take-the-stairs-without-looking-like-I’ve-still-got-my-sea-legs).

We all knew the spiel—our very own Hail Michael of sorts. A selection:

  • “Men’s style has lost its way, and everything has become too consumeristic.”
  • “Everyone is looking for the next big thing, but we have to get back to our roots and celebrate a time when things were made intentionally and meant to last. Like, let’s see: A farmer’s jeans were meant to do things in, and everything was made in the US-of-A.”
  • “I mean, look at this photo of my dad when he was our age. HE WAS ACTUALLY COOL. And his clothes fit better than ours.”
  • “We’ve got to start caring about how we dress, and there’s simply no cutting corners. The right clothes are expensive, and this is no laughing matter. But we’re straight because these boots have a lifetime warranty, this heavyweight denim will last a lifetime, and this hat is made in the same factory
    that made Babe Ruth’s hats.”

Now, don’t get me wrong; my spirit animal is whatever beast wears the skin that eventually becomes a pair of Alden Shell Cordovan PTB’s. But let’s call a spade a spade here. Times have changed. Maybe not that much, but enough. It’s been a few years, and they were right. Your Thousand Miles still have about 600 miles left in ‘em, and that Barbour jacket could use a fresh coat of wax.

But…are you really gonna wax a jacket? I mean, you’re 27 now. And you are working, like, a lot.

You get home, open a craft brew (don’t even get me started), and before long Googling “how to wax a jacket” sounds like the worst thing in the world. Then the gears start turning. You price a few used Barbour jackets on eBay and (wouldn’t you know it?) that’ll go a long way toward that J. Crew Ludlow Topcoat you need to upgrade your YoPro status. A few clicks and cell phone pics later, and the deed is done. Your finely crafted piece of #menswear history will move on to partially shield the rain from some young buck in Cleveland for year[s] to come.

And thus ends this twisted tale that began with justification and ended with, well, justification. The fact of the matter is that a lot of us aren’t ready to buy “the last pair of boots you’ll ever own.” It’s never a bad idea to buy quality, to buy USA-made, or to buy timeless pieces. With enough time, these purchases usually pay for themselves, but for heaven’s sake sometimes it’s fun to get new things. It’s often an expensive lesson to learn, but hey, at least you went with the jacket and not that tattoo of the dog you and your college roommates bought together because I don’t know why.

Moral of the story: Buy what you can afford, and budget *vomit sound* for both the classic staples and this season’s shiny new toy.


Your New Friend, Confidant, Nemesis,

David Hall

P.S. I was going to write a post introducing myself, telling you about my fears and hopes and dreams. But then I realized maybe you don’t want to know me like that—not just yet. Alls you need is proof that other people out there are still figuring this out, fruitless investments and all. So here’s to growing up, still being awesome, and Shazamming songs on the radio to stay relevant. I am excited to be here, and thanks for reading :/

Fall Wish List (Treat Yo’ Self)

Meet our newest contributor, Joe Walker. We could tell you all about him, but we think he does it better. Joe, take it away!

joewalkerRemember that time someone told you, “College is the best time of your life”? Yeah, they should have said: “College is increasingly difficult, and you will be so busy that you will forget to eat and pay your bills and shower.”

Real talk aside, I really do love college and am grateful to be in school. I’m a fashion design student at Johnson County Community College. Our test questions tend to go something like this: “True OR false: Pink is the ‘it’ color for spring.”

Kidding. Fashion design is actually pretty intense. Most days, you can find me muttering expletives at the sewing machine and trying to draw a straight line with a ruler. I wish I were joking.

Besides school, I work two jobs: a barista and a personal stylist. I spend my mornings and a few evenings a week on campus at our three coffee shops. If you’re thinking, “I wonder if he is the tall guy who is constantly singing…” then you would be correct, and yes, you did interrupt my song to order. When I’m not whipping mochas and icing lattes, I am living in the world of retail. I work on Country Club Plaza at J.Crew, as the Men’s Personal Stylist, and if you’re in the KCMO region, I might have helped you size your suit or find that pair of jeans.

In my spare time, you can find me drowning in copious amounts of chocolate ice cream, making new “to-do lists” and raiding my Netflix account

Given that I’m constantly in the fashion frame of mind, I’m always thinking about my clothing wants/needs. (Okay, okay, mostly wants.) As fall settles in, I’ve been craving chunky knits, warm wool blazers, and flannel shirts. Between my three major areas of life, I have different needs, so my lists often become somewhat eclectic. Which is why I usually shoot for items items that seem to never go out of style. Here’s what’s on my wish list at the moment.





1. Ludlow Club Sportcoat in Italian Wool Flannel: This is a great three season wool jacket that is super easy to wear and very versatile. The wool flannel is softer and lighter than tweed, and the patch pockets give it a cool vintage vibe. $425.

2.Chuck Taylor Classic: Duh. $50.

3. Ray-Ban Club Master: These have a great retro vibe to them that I really dig. Around $100.

4. Todd Snyder NY x Champion Jersey Cardigan: Again, this has a great retro vibe that I’m into. I love the play on the preppy stripe on the sleeve. $115.

5. Timex Originals Classic Round Wristwatch: This watch is so freakin’ awesome and I have been crushing on it for six months. I need to get it. It also comes in black, but I love how versatile the grey is, as well as the modern and clean aesthetic. $65.

6. Flannel Work Shirt: I am really picky about plaid patterns, but this one really rocks. I really like the scale and colors involved in the prints. I can definitely see myself wearing this with a driving moccasin and dark denim. $64.50.

Follow Joe! @mrljwaker on Twitter, and @walkerjoe on Instagram.