TRY THIS: Monochromatic

Let’s talk color. But not color blocking or adding a “pop of color” as the kids like to call it; rather, monochromatic colors.

What is a monochromatic look?
An outfit built around one particular color story.
Try these:
  • Navy, dark grey, slate and midnight.
  • Khaki, tan, ecru and nude.
  • Black, heather grey, charcoal and steel.
Some examples:

For some, it’s fairly effortless to throw on one shade of a color since that what is what is in your entire closet. (Cough, Seth, cough.) All one color. For others, it will be a little more difficult knowing their colorful tendencies of wearing a ton.
But we say: Why not give it a go? Especially with a little on a print or pattern in the same color story.

Blake - Love all the blue, gentlemen….my personal favorite monochromatic hue as well!

dani - Basically, every guy needs to read your blog to know what looks GREAT! :)

<3 The Daily Dani

lofigeek - Where’s that graph check/tattersall joint from?

midweSTYLE: Bridge

REAL TALK: I rarely have a very good reason to wear a tie. Honestly, events that necessitate ties in my life are few and far between. I mean, outside of the occasional wedding or sorority formal, opportunities to appropriately don neckwear are fairly infrequent. That means that when I wear them, it’s typically for no reason at all. I’m not going to the office, I’m just going to class. If Mizzou were a little more Ivy, that may be normal. But in a place where T-shirts and sweatpants reign supreme, I figure most people just assume I’m a professor.
Now, switching gears, the comment we tend to get most when it comes to buying from thrift stores or vintage resale shops goes something like this: “I just don’t have the patience to sift through all the inevitable crap to find what I’m actually looking for.” While thrifting often leaves you frustrated and empty handed, I think I’ve come to realize why I genuinely enjoy it to the degree that I do. The prices are obviously the biggest draw, yes, but there are secondary elements to the thrift store experience that make it something that is, while tedious at times, still very worth while. For me, I love that it harkens back to a time when United States manufacturing was still king, before outsourcing apparel construction became the new black. There’s something strangely satisfying about putting on a piece of clothing whose tag reads, “Made in the U.S.A.” You guys know what I’m talking about, right?

LASTLY: Sorry for going YouTube crazy. Also, we’re a handful of followers short of four digits on Twitter. Lets do this, team.
On Cameron: Blue oxford (thrifted, $2) made in the U.S.A. by Arrow Brigade, 15.5 neck; striped tie (gift from a lovely woman) by Kincora Irish Tweeds; brass tie bar (thrifted, $2); woven belt (thrifted, $4); chinos (UO, sale $10) by Dockers, size 31; desert boots (Christmas gift ’09) by Clarks, size 10; “Preston” eyeglasses (online, $95) by Warby Parker; rope bracelet (homemade).

Scotty Farkus - This reminds me. You all should check out White Horse Trading Co. out of Colorado. This guy is like the only son of a 5th gen. seamstress. His ability to make ties out of Pendleton blanket weight fabric has gained him some notoriety.

PopMachineUK - These guys have a great series of posts on ‘How to thrift’ which I guess would reduce some of the pain involved in sifting through all the ‘crap’.

There is nothing like finding an awesome shirt at a bargain price.

kirst - it’s true. an awesome thrift find is thrilling, but the experience is made even sweeter by the discover of a “Made in the USA” tag. great post!

juan - hey there-

where did you get the rope for the bracelet? i have been using bungee cords the whole summer.

really like the blog.

Friday Wrap-Up: Hello Topman

Lollapalozza is here this weekend in Chicago. Bands, booze and babes. Need we say more?

Also, if you’ve been inside any retail stores lately, you know that Fall stuff is rolling in, right? Well, now is the time to grab all that summer swag you’ve been dying to get your hands on:

  • J.Crew just added more items to their sale, along with the take additional +% off. Also, show ‘em your student ID. You’ll get an additional discount.
  • Speaking of student discount, Club Monaco also gives you an additional discount on swag, too. I nabbed a pair of shorts last week for $25 when it was all said and done.
  • For the designer savvy, Opening Ceremony is having a ridiculous sale. Most of it is at 70% off. Just make sure you know your size in that brand and you should be golden. It’s absurd.
  • Lastly, Unis’ entire webstore is marked down like crazy. Up to 75% on certain items.
Ok, just one more thing we’re excited about that’s coming to Chicago: Topman.
In preparation of the opening of the Topshop/Topman store, they’re doing a pop-up truck for Lollapalozza. Rad, no?
Shirting, shorts and shades by Topman. (White legs by a lack of sun.)
Like the rest of Chicago, we’re excited for this brand to be coming to the city. The Topman/TopShop truck is going be driving around for Lollapalozza with a truck full of goods…and probably babes.

Who: Topman. And don’t worry ladies, Topshop will be there, too.
What: Crop tops? Yes. Tank tops? Yes. 5 drop tops in the parking lot? And I wanna take you back to the spot.

When: Friday, August 5 – Sunday, August 7 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: Grant Park and around town!

How: Follow them on Twitter to find out where the truck is located. (@TopmanUK) (@Topshop)

Sarai and Nancy - lovelovelove the striped shirt and rucksack <3


It’s boots like these that will forever have me preaching the eBay gospel, ladies and gentlemen. Is it too early for boots? Perhaps. But when I saw these bad boys on eBay while doing some pre-fall bargain hunting, I had to pull the proverbial trigger (get it?). After all, for the price of about four Chipotle burritos (and I’m talking steak burritos here, or barbacoa, depending on my mood) plus shipping, how could I go wrong? You’re right, I couldn’t. Now, I’m sure all of you calculus teachers out there have done the mental math, but for those that haven’t, the purchase came out to a little over $30, shipped. That’s, like, ¥2400 for all ya’ll in Japan!
Not bad for some vintage cap toe Cable and Co. work boots, handcrafted in Italy. They’re used, weathered, and scuffed, which only adds to their appeal. Those contrasting brown suede panels on the uppers are pretty out of the ordinary. Plus, those who are weary of workwear are shifting toward the Italian influence, right? BUT WAIT! You forgot about – *dun dun dun!* – Italian workwear.

On Cameron: thrifted s/s madras shirt (Wild Man Vintage, $7) by Royal Knight, size medium; grey chinos (J. Crew, $65) by J. Crew, size 31; “Preston” eyeglasses (online, $95) by Warby Parker; cap toe work boots (eBay, $30 shipped) by Cable and Company, size 10

Photos by Jarred Donalson

Sarai and Nancy - It makes me ridiculously happy that you appreciate good Italian shoes! I have this fantastic pair of Italian wedges, and very few men understand the appeal haha.
Ps: just found your blog. J’adore :)

kelsey louise - uhh, leather ankle boots are sex. love them. good find!

Cameron - Can’t stress enough how important persistence is when it comes to eBay. Constantly searching, it’s a bit of a chore some times, but it’s well worth the eventual savings. There’s a hefty amount of luck involved as well.

@James – the key for me has been learning to look for particular brands and the sizes I know I can fit into in that brand. Sellers that list a garment’s measurements are pretty clutch as well, as long as you know what you’re looking for. Not a bad idea to measure, say, your favorite shirt for some reference.

James - Those boots are amazing, especially for only $30! I am always a little hesitant about clothes shopping on ebay, because I have a freakish body that never has the same clothes fit right!

Gus - Man, how do you find this stuff on eBay? I must be searching poorly.

midweSTYLE: Lost

Some of you are probably thinking, “Who is this guy again?” After all, it must feel like you haven’t seen me in a month of Sundays. Where have I been, you ask? Long story short, I spent about four weeks in the smokey hills of North Carolina, making new lifelong friends and perusing the city of Asheville in a 12 passenger van. It was an incredible joy, but I’m also pumped to be back in Kansas City, at the Midwestyle office. And no, that doesn’t actually exist. Or does it?
FIRST THINGS FIRST: The newest additions to my closet are a few Gitman Vintage shirts that I scored at a freshly opened Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th at Legends Outlets in Kansas City, Kansas. With the combination of some opening-event special discounts and a few other tricks, I ended up scoring two for about a hundred dollars. Considering they both retail for around $165 per, it felt like Christmas. Or my birthday. Or like I was stealing something.

My favorite part about wearing or using something over and over again is to see how well it ages. My Vans, Baldwin Denim, and Duluth Pack are all developing their own characteristics that make putting them on or throwing it over my shoulder a different experience week to week, month to month. I love products that have the quality and longevity to take on a distinct life of their own (note: those are also the products I’m also willing to shell out more cash for). Sorry mom, I know I should be saving, or something like that (note #2: my mom reads the Midwestyle religiously. You da best, mom!).

In other, unrelated news, I lost my Timex and Corter for Japan bracelet somewhere in the state of North Carolina. That said, I find myself in between watches and without any leather on my wrist, the feeling of which, I must say, I had grown quite fond of. The search has begun for replacements. Like this. And this. More suggestions are welcome.

LASTLY: Because I feel like things are meant to be shared.

On Cameron: Kurabo 77‘s (Standard Style, $198) by Baldwin Denim, size 31; s/s madras shirt (Saks OFF 5th @ Legends Outlets, over 50 percent off) by Gitman Vintage, size medium; Authentics (online, $40) by Vans, size 10; “Preston” eyeglasses (online, $95) by Warby Parker; waxed canvas “Wanderer” backpack (online, $215) by Duluth Pack; ratty woven belt (thrifted, $4)

Photos by my good friend Jarred Donalson

Kate - So I’m definitely bias- but you Midwestern guys have something that the coast guys don’t have.

You’ve got a new follower!


Cameron - @Andrew – I’ve got an old piece of climbing rope that was cut to measure and then melted and attached around my wrist at the ends. It’s the only thing I wear on my wrist that I can’t take off, thus the only bracelet I haven’t lost, ha.

@Blake – I dig those a lot! Considering an order for sure.

@DM – That was the worst part, knowing that even when I get another leather bracelet, it’s going to take months to get the same wear and tan that my Corter had. *sigh*

@Shawn – That’s essentially the same one I just ordered from Timex’s Weekender collection, for $40. Ha, they’re basically the exact same watch. - Very handsome ensemble – functional and attractive. I like it! The scenery is gorgeous! Hope you had an amazing vaca!

DM - I lost my Corter for Japan bracelet too after so much work and time (tanning, etc)!!! Bad luck! I hope we find ours sometime eventually lol.

Blake - If you’re into wrist accoutrements that have a cause, maybe you’d like some of these:

I’ve had some for years and enjoying piling them nearly up to my elbows above my watch. Oh, and great look, man! Cheers.


Plain T-Shirt - Good thing I’m going to NC next week; Timex and Corter here I come

Andrew - What do you have on your left wrist?