midweSTYLE: West Bottoms, two.

Cam made several great points about thrifting: If you’re an avid thrifter, you often time buy something because it’s so cheap and it may fit a little sloppy. You know, you slip it on and think of all the ways you could make it perfect but never end up doing it. Even though that $2 blazer almost fit correctly, you still needed to let out the sleeve and take in the waist, but it just sits in your closet. The whole tailoring thing for me, well….I would rather save the time and money when I can and just spend a little more. 
Plus, does anybody have a great tailor? Let us know if you do (anywhere in the Midwest, but especially in KC or Chicagoland.) We’d love to publish a list on the site. We’ve been receiving a handful of inquiries lately, and we’ve been slacking on that front.
Furthermore, my two recent purchases were a little impromptu but definitely filled a void in my closet, especially my winter essentials. I needed a tweed blazer and a pair of thick pants for the Chicago winter.
So, while picking up some last minute gifts for my sisters and mother down on the Plaza in Kansas City, I strolled into Standard Style wearing my J.Brand cargo pants and walked out wearing the duck canvas “Reed” pant by Baldwin Denim. Yeah, it happened. I was that guy that wore the clothing out of the store because I loved it so much. So warm and substantial for this not-so-nauseatingly cold Chicago winter we’re having that I don’t even need to throw on my retired running tights on underneath.

And then if the stars align and your step has that pep, you walk into Barney’s on day when a sale is happening. My guy at Barney’s helped me find exactly what I was looking for that day. “I need a tweed blazer, and I’m don’t want to get it it tailored.”
Shout out to Riley at Barney’s on Rush Street in Chicago for being a boss and knowing what I needed: Harris tweed, two-button, dope fabrication and phenomenal fit. And it was on sale.


Extra credit: It was A.P.C., one of my favorite labels. Size small, any season, any pant or shirt, fits like a glove. Gotta love that consistency between seasons with the label. You’re a genius and fascinating, Jean Touitou. (See also: WSJ interview, Jean’s Rules of Style from Details, Interview Magazine.)

On Jeff: Two-button “Harris Tweed” blazer (Barney’s, sale $260 reg. $580) by A.P.C.,; denim shirt (thrifted, $2); Timex weekender watch (Amazon, $20) with colored strap ($10) from J.Crew; the duck canvas “Reed” pant ($158) by Baldwin Denim; chocolate suede “8878″ boots by Red Wing; skinny Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff ($50); sterling silver southwest inspired bracelet; deadstock copper bracelet that looks like a Cartier that girls keep on trying to steal from me but I say, “Hell nah, shawty;” black-framed glasses by Gant Rugger.

Shout out to our homeboy, Grant Heinlein, for goofing off with us for a day in Kansas City, photographing us jerks and enjoying some badass BBQ later in the day.

amanda flagg - have you had any sizing issues with the watch bands from j. crew? i just bought one of the men’s style for a watch, but because i have tiny wrists, i have a long dangling piece of watch band with no strap to slip it under to hold it in place. quite a bummer for a fairly expensive nylon band.

Jacob - Rydells’ in Kansas City (Brookside).

Amy Creyer - Paul Chang at 180 North LaSalle. He rebuilt a brand-new J.Crew blazer I got for a steal at Buffalo Exchange from a size 8 to a size 2. You could never tell the entire jacket was taken apart, cut, and sewn back together. I went back for fittings twice. He only charged $90, which for all that work was a steal!

He specializes in custom shirts and suits for men, but as you can see he alters women’s clothes as well (though his specialization is in tailored pieces like slacks and jackets).


Brandon J. - Why haven’t I discovered you guys sooner? I absolutely love the purpose of this site because I can totally relate! I thought I was the only one with for men’s thrifted fashion. Keep inspiring. Cheers!


navy and stripes - Daniel Morgan Tailor is St. Louis – The http://www.yelp.com/biz/daniel-morgan-tailor-st-louis

Unknown - Can’t recommend this place any higher — incredible work. She’s taken so many thrifted items and made them perfect for me.

Nora Plaza Alterations
(317) 844-1534
1300 E 86th St Ste 5
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Kate Miller - The lighting in these photos is incredible! Where is this? I’m a Chicagoan, but my parents just moved to KC.

Also, Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ = a.may.zing.

Daniel Shea - Hey guys. I use Gus’ Tailor Shop on Ashland in Chicago. He’s a really nice dude, has been there for awhile, and most importantly, he’s an amazing tailor. Very affordable. I almost exclusively bring him thrifted items, and he doesn’t mind at all. I was there the other day: http://thedailywear.tumblr.com/post/16495329205/at-the-tailors-j-crew-blue-slim-chinos-my

juan - i trust tino’s tailor shop in pilsen. mixed reviews in yelp, but he has never disappointed me. i take him blazers all the time and he has worked his magic for an affordable price. cash only. helps if you speak spanish.

coreyo - I’ve been pretty satisfied with Slabotsky & Sons for tailoring in downtown KC on grand.

Unknown - What’s your take on the fit between the Reeds and the Henleys from Baldwin? I need something that will look great worn with a pair of low profile Vans Authentic shoes as well as a pair of bulkier, yet relatively low profile Red Wing Iron Rangers. I’m not big on super-super slim jeans; I like a bit of room, but not too much. I’m torn between the two because I’m not sure the Reeds are slim enough for me, but that the Henleys are too slim, and I’m not really a fan of the drop yoke on the 77s. Thanks in advance for your input!

DT - I have experience with two tailors in Chicago. The first would be Alva Graciano in Lincoln Park. They do great work, the prices are pretty awesome, and they turn around very fast. $16 for an original hem is one of the best around.

The second is Tails in Old Town. From what I hear, Joe is an ex-suitmaker and I go to him for any kind of complicated alteration (not that I don’t trust Alva, but he came highly recommended). It is a little bit pricier, but you will not be disappointed with the service.

Chris - This is right around the corner from my fiance’s studio. Is this underneath the 12th Street bridge? Anyways, I go to Rydell Tailor Shop in Brookside for all my fitting needs. He hooks it up! Plus with straight up hardwood fixtures and leather couches, he’s a class act all the way.

clotheshunger - I work in Boystown in Chicago and there’s a dry cleaning place that also does tailoring at Broadway and Briar, the woman there hasn’t let me down yet.


chloe - Campus Tailor in Madison is great – it is one woman and she is very helpful, prompt, and does excellent work. Pretty reasonable prices as well.

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midweSTYLE: West Bottoms

Every now and again, I’ll do a round of thrifting in my home neighborhood in Kansas City. If I’ve recently gotten a paycheck, I get a little chance-y and pick up pieces that I know I’ll probably never wear. Some of them are ill-fitting, others are just ridiculous, and more than not, they end up in my closet unworn. If you thrift with any regularity, you’ve been there. You know that feeling. You don’t need it, and you don’t really even want it that badly, but you grab it just in case. After all, it only costs ¢50 or a few bucks. If worse comes to worst, it would make for a good Halloween costume at some point in the future. 
Anyway, that was the story behind this blazer, initially. I didn’t have a go-to blue blazer at the time, so I bought it, even though it didn’t really fit. The shoulders framed me well enough and the chest wasn’t bad, but it had a huge waist measurement. The gentleman that owned it before definitely had a belly. Seriously, Santa Claus status. Regardless, I bought it for a staggering $4.50. A navy blue, American-made, hopsack blazer for under $5? Sure.
After a few lonely months in the closet, I finally took it to get tailored. Tailoring thrifted clothing sounds and feels a little unnatural. Taking something that you bought dirt cheap and investing another $25 to $75 seems wrong at first. But, if the piece is of high enough quality, the investment is well worth the fit and wearability that comes with tailored clothing. I’ve gotten a jacket or two fitted, some legs of old trousers tapered, waists taken in. It can turn a forgotten thrift store purchase into one of your wardrobe favorites. In this case, the arms ride up a bit, making them appear a little shorter, but hey, it’s perfect everywhere else.

Clarks, beat to death.

On Cameron: hopsack blazer, thrifted ($4.50), tailored for $45; patchwork button-down (eBay) by Gitman Vintage; cream sweatshirt (sale, $80 at the Baldwin Men’s Shop) by Todd Snyder; the Henley in California wash, (sale at the Baldwin Men’s Shop $116, reg. $232), by Baldwin Denim; beeswax desert boots (gift) by Clarks; WWII-era Russian watch (Etsy, $30) by Vostok; leather wrap (gift) by Tanner Goods; recycled cotton socks (Christmas gift purchased from Hickoree’s), by Solmate Socks.
Photography by the one and only Grant Heinlein, check him out!

Sarah Ann - My boyfriend needs to invest in some new shoes, like yesterday! That being said, I’ve got a handle on casual boots, but if I see him pull his old Puma or Adidas (and not “old” in a good way) out of the closet one more time, I might freak out. Suggestions for some classic, athletic styled shoes?

Funmilayo - i love the look :)

Seth J. Putnam - Meant to respond earlier…sorry to revive this thread after so many days. Just wanted to say we appreciate your comments, Kyle. You didn’t come off as a dick. We actually welcome the debate, and we want to make sure this is a place where people feel free to describe how they’d make different choices. So: thanks.

David D Hall - I wouldn’t wear the jacket as it fits. But that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t style themselves in a way they prefer. I’m a little burnt out on barking traditionalism in the comment section of blogs. It’s a style blog about three young dudes, not just a regurgitation of traditional menswear rules (they didn’t say you had to wear jackets like this). I wouldn’t read it if I didn’t see anything new or different, and I doubt anyone else would either. Plenty of resources out there for rules. And besides, the point of the post remains the same regardless of whether you like this particular outcome. He took a thrifted piece to a tailor and ended up with an end product he enjoys more than before.

Kyle - Did not mean to come off as a dick. I am definitely one for Thome Browne proportions being that I am a short guy. However, I think the beauty of tailored clothing lies in the proportions. I’m fine with a short jacket that doesn’t cover your ass, but I think it should at least get half way there. I believe Christopher Bastin does the look great: http://rosecallahan.blogspot.com/2010/04/christopher-bastin-of-gant-rugger.html

When it sits too high it elongates your legs and shortens your torso making you look a little uneven. Just my opinion though. Anyway, I enjoy your site keep doing what you do.

RandaLea - Why, thank you, son.

ALEX - Not to troll–to enlighten–but the suit coat doesn’t fit you; it doesn’t go over your ass, the sleeves are too short and the button point too high. If that is a medium, go for a large. The cut and material look quite nice, though (for cotton–I presume). If it fit you, it’d be a nice, casual jacket.

Cameron - @Kyle

I suppose that that may be true, if I were a strict traditionalist. Unfortunately, I’m not, so I disagree. Although, my mother does have dashing style. The compliment is well appreciated.

Seth J. Putnam - @Kyle


Can definitely see your point…in fact someone called out Jeff for his Harris Tweed being too short. However, I’m not sure I see it as a hard-and-fast rule. For short guys like me, a blazer that hits higher than my fingertips is beneficial because it at least gives me the (illusion) of looking taller. Obviously Cam and Jeff don’t have this problem, so it’s sort of up to their personal style.

Kyle - Sorry but that jacket is way too short. Kind of looks like you went thrifting in your mother’s closet.

Jessy Diamond - I would love to be able to thrift, but since my size is not even common in regular stores, chances to find one while thrifting are really low.

Chris - Awesome post, per usual! I’m getting married in the West Bottoms at The Hobbs building in October. We are doing a very industrial style wedding. If you guys want some good shots… yeah… anyways… I love your site… it’s been a daily check on my list!


Claire - Love it. Perfect fit now. : )

Jennifer Fabulous - I’m not gonna lie, in the decade I’ve lived in KC I can count on my hand how many men with impeccable style (and thrifting skills) I’ve seen. This city needs more of you (or, at least I need to know where to find them, haha). :P

The blazer, the shoes, the watch. Brilliant. Love this whole look.

dani - Looks fantastic! The hidden magic in tailoring does wonders! :)

<3 The Daily Dani

Unknown - So, where in chicago is a good tailor to make diamond in the rough into gems like that jacket. Looking to get pants tapered.

Liz - Speaking of Santa Claus belly…

Landon - awesome awesome watch. also, great location for the photos, love that minted rust in the background

KyleB - Very nice. What’s the name of the shop where you picked up the blazer? Any others in KC you’d recommend?


Details Magazine: Look for Less

For our second guest post for Details Magazine, we decided to look back on a few great films of 2011. It’s the look for less: the idea of taking something that styling crews shelled out hundreds for and recreating it for pennies on the dollar. This isn’t necessarily dress-up; it’s just a little inspiration.

A common thread amongst the films was one man. Ryan Gosling. Enter the Gos.
Okay, he couldn’t make it for the shoot. So, I rolled out of bed and stepped in.

With the deadline approaching, we phoned our main man, Anthony Barlich, to make shit happen.
And he did. See for yourself:

Drive: Badass leather jacket, driving gloves and a ratty, old henley. You’ve got those, now make it happen.

(Special thanks to Wicker Park for being a dirty dive.)

On Jeff: Dark wash slim-straight, mid-rise “Max” jean (sale) by Acne; grey henley from Seth‘s closet; thrifted grey moto-style jacket with padding ($40) from Rad Vintage; silver-framed aviators from Mallory‘s purse; off-white “James” wingtip (end-of-season sale $100) by Frye; last-minute fingerless leather driving gloves ($10) from Urban Outfitters; vintage sterling silver “Southwest” inspired cuff ($10); skinny railroad spike cuff ($50) from Giles & Brothers.

Crazy, Stupid Love: Sharp suits, coy attitude, mixed drinks, beautiful women and The Bedford.
(Special thanks to The Bedford Chicago for letting us shoot in your amazing space.)

On Jeff: two-button, notch-collar midnight smart suit (on sale $300) by A.P.C.; slim-fit, mini-check button-down shirting (sale $50) by Scotch & Soda; thrifted woven leather belt ($2); laceless brown “Lexington” wingtips (Nordstrom Rack, $50) by Florsheim.

Ides of March: Politics, schmolitics. Dirty scandals, clean looks. Keep it secret, keep it safe. I also don’t own a grey suit, so you gotta make do with what you have.

(Special thanks to Chicago for being beautiful at sunset)

On Jeff: Grey trench courtesy of Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection; thrifted wool scarf ($10) by Pendleton; shrunken charcoal sportcoat (sale at Halls for $260) by Bill Tornade; high-waisted charcoal trousers ($60) by American Apparel; short-sleeved white button shirt (end of the season sale $40) by rag & bone; gifted silk tie by rag & bone; thrifted patent leather penny loafers ($5) by Allen Edmonds; tortoise shell sunglasses from Mallory‘s trunk. 

Once again, Major eProps to Anthony for the photography for this project with Details. Also, a big bear hug to Mallory for being the lighting queen. She can hold a light longer than one of those schmucks on Survivor standing on a totem pole for a piece of chocolate.

Seriously, y’all. Anthony makes it happen.

Funmilayo - I love the photos and the clothes :)

Terryl - amazing. all of it. i’m dying over the biker look.

Bianca - where have you guys been all my life! YOU BLOG IS AMAZE!!!

Jin - Love all the looks! Show them we got guys with style here in the midwest!


Matt Graham - Definitely would have gone with Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl and Remember the Titans.

Blake - Great stuff guys! Nothing beats taking inspiration from the Gos. Congrats on Details!

Caleb - Love that you guys are contributing to Details now. Keep repping the Midwest.

Seth J. Putnam - @Nat: Muchisimas gracias por tu comentario. Que barbaro que estás leyendo en Uruguay!

Mme Dos Rombos - Ahh, que bellos!

Street Style: Tuesday in Wicker Park

A quick little street style update courtesy of Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style
There isn’t anything particularly exciting about my outfit, especially for my general thrust for anything obnoxious or questionable. However, take a closer look at the jacket.

A recent find at Barney’s, the Harris Tweed A.P.C. (although Context carries this) blazer has quickly became my favorite fall/winter wardrobe piece. The different colors woven in this badboy are beautiful. It’s easy to pair with denim for a casual look. Or I pair it with another color trouser or button down that is woven throughout the jacket, like the rich burnt orange/brown, purple and blue. A definite investment piece, sure. Worth it though.
On Jeff: Grey Harris Tweed blazer by A.P.C.; grey crewneck sweatshirt by Jack Spade, thrifted purple madras shirt by GANT; blue cotton scraggly scarf by rag & bone; thrifted two-tone knapsack; beloved dark wash 11.5 oz slim “Henley” with stretch no wash for 2 years by Baldwin Denim; chocolate suede boots by Red Wing; black framed glasses by Gant Rugger.

Thanks again, Amy. You’re a sweet and talented friend who’s also got some wacky style. 

Also, Can we pause and talk about this bookshelf print top? I want that in a button down.

DT - Being a fan of most of what APC does, I really want to like the blazer, but honestly, it falls flat. Ignoring the incredibly high button stance, the jacket is way too short even in this casual context. You’re in the region of 6′ tall, yes? A jacket this short completely ruins your proportions. I’m not even a staunch traditionalist (they would burn you at the stake) and I can see this.

Danielle - I love you style.. You guys are an inspiration because you thrift and I love menswear!! Please drop by my thrifty blog when you have time too. It’s nice to meet another thrifter out there!