HOLIDAY: The Quiet World

This has nothing to do with the Midwest. Or with style, for that matter—except that it takes a certain amount of it to write and love like this. But there’s no better time to be irrational than on the day devoted to love, and this is my favorite poem about the subject of all time. So we’re going for it.
The Quiet World by Jeffrey McDaniel

Oh, and @calebdann won the bow tie giveaway from Annaruna last week. Don’t worry if you missed out this time; there’s always next. Happy Valentines Day.

monitronics - That is the most depressing thing I have ever read!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 14 under $40

We asked our favorite ladies what they wanted for Valentine’s Day. 

We trust ‘em, they’ve got great taste and so kindly responded to our desperate tweets.
These ladies are intelligent, talented, quirky, strong-willed, go-getters and all-around-badass women.

The trick to good gift giving is all about picking up on cues. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to keep a running list of gift ideas when you hear her mention something that catches her eye. If your lady’s is like our ladies, these suggestions might help you save that day next week with a last-minute gift.

Ladies, thanks a million. Y’all are amazing.
Gentlemen, good luck.

clotheshunger - As a lady, I would definitely love all those things! I don’t need an outrageously expensive present or dinner, it’s the thought that counts. /cliche


Emma Ann Robertson - Looks great guys!!!!!!!!

mallory wiegers - Allow me to add that this album is meant to be listened to in company with another: drinking tea, sketching, writing, holding, looking, dancing, joking, any things.

Favorite tracks in order of importance:

You Send Me (which is my beloved parents’ wedding song)
Desire Me
For Sentimental Reasons
No One Can Take Your Place

Valentine’s Giveaway: Annaruna Bow Ties

Just in time for next week, we partnered up with the lovely Annaruna to do a giveaway

No, it’s not a date with Anna. You wish.
You missed your chance, because she’s taken by a mountaineering, slack-lining, has bigger-pecs-than-you, Kansas City boy. You’re a dog, Chris. A dawg, I tell ya.
Look at these handmade beauties. I can’t believe these three above don’t have homes.
If you want one so bad, just buy it before another sucker wins it for free on the giveaway.
Cool, we’ll announce it on one of our social media mediums on who gets the goods.

Comment, tweet or send a howler with your one-liners.

Rococo Cocoa is Joe - So, who won? LOL.

Adam Potrzebowski - “Honey, I’m going to do you on the desk like you’re a differential equations test.”

True story, have a math exam that Tuesday. But I’d still wear the bow tie.

Nicholas Pritchett - “I hope you like your gift, my mom helped me pick it out for you.”

Yale Hollander - Pull my finger.

whatsilenceknows - “You’re a great girl, but…”

michaelvuke - Do we comment or tweet out our one-liners?

Friday Mop Up: Missing Jeff

It’s that time. And because I’m so distraught that Jeff has left the country, I can hardly bring myself to create anything original. So we’ll use this time to survey the goings on of the ‘Net this week.

Oh, and we realized something today. We’ve been at this menswear thing for just over year. Our first post went up on Jan. 27, 2011. But that’s the way we prefer it: not too much fanfare, and we’ll just keep doing that thing we do. But thanks for sticking with us for the past 372 days. It’s been wild.

Here’s our fourth and final post for Details Magazine:

For Mom—or more aptly The Commodore, considering the tight ship she kept—handwritten notes were a sacred art. After each birthday or Christmas present, a forced marathon of grateful notecards was guaranteed.

It’s an art that’s nearly lost. These are the days of email. The days of emoticons, text-speak and unfinished drafts. The days of flitting between open computer windows because something might have happened on Twitter in the 45 seconds you were thinking of what to say next. 

Done well, a handwritten note trumps everything else. It’s a deep breath—a pause from the daily free-for-all—and it carries an inherent thoughtfulness and permanence text messages and emails will never have.

I caught up with Ted Harrington, of Terrapin Prints, to get his suggestions for picking out the right stationery. Check it all out at Details. 

Oh, and here’s a bonus: some recommended reading. Completely unrelated to style, but definitely related to humanity:

New York City’s cops and robbers as captured by…an NYC cop. Seriously. Check it out. (via the New York Times’ Lens blog)

That’s all. We endorse keeping it brief.

unapologeticallycute - It’s always fun to come check out what it is you’re ranting about. We just posted our first men’s style profile on our (more girl, less boy) blog, and I must say, we definitely took some ques from themidweststyle. So thanks. xoxo

midweSTYLE: Building A Still (To Slow Down The Time)

Last week we debuted the photography of our guy Grant Heinlein, who was in home-sweet-Kansas-City for the holidays. He led Cam and Jeff out into the woods and then shot them. But thankfully it was with a camera.
Since Jeff skipped the country on a whim last week—he’s somewhere between a pack of Parisian cigarettes and the Louvre right now—I (Seth) have had to hijack his byline. He’s obviously lying low until the heat dies down, and consequently didn’t have time to leave much in the way of an explanation for this series. So, we’ll let the photos do the talking.
Without further adieu: Cam, ladies and gentlemen. Ask him where he got that watch.

Photos by Grant Heinlein.

Noble Chastain - Also graciously requesting information on that watch. It’s absolutely beautiful…

Jin - Love the watch…And that sweater.

Josh Kim - I want that watch.

Eric L'Esperance - Yeah I want to know about the watch? Who makes it? Is that a custom band?

Preeti Reddy - where did you get the watch!?!

Unknown - WHAT IS THE MA-1 HE IS WEARING? looks great.