Just checking in quickly to say: Come hang out with us at Dose Market on Sunday. Seth will be working alongside Max Wastler (All Plaidout) at the booth he’s running for Buckshot Sonny’s limited edition “Kamp Kit.”
Here’s an exclusive first look at the patch design for Buckshot Sonny’s forthcoming dopp kit with Winter Session. It’s based on the model Max took to summer camp as a kid. Says Max: “At mine, they spelled it ‘Kamp.’ We nod to that with our Kamp Kit, debuting at Dose this Sunday, June 24th.”

midweSTYLE: Stripes, chambray, cobalt.

I was never one to gravitate toward hoodies growing up, mainly because they were never long, trim or interesting enough.
I liked the idea of having a track jacket but never could commit to it because my ideas of track jackets were attached to the ones everyone wore in high school with logos plastered on them. I’ve been down that road before and had vowed to not retrace my steps.
Photography by John Stoffer

However, A.P.C., the notorious cult label of simple Parisian basics, caught my eye this past winter. 

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Speaking Nonsense. - I’ve been wearing the hell out of some stripes lately…
Not going to lie Target had some great stripe v-necks and t-shirts… I have no shame.

Me visto solo - Wow! I really like this outfit! The jacket is perfect!

‘Me visto solo’ [Man] –

Des Kinlaw - Im diggin the jacket. I just did a post on sailor striped tees. And those kicks are the bee’s knees…

Raquel - 1. The track jacket/hoodie is a true success.
2. I SERIOUSLY dig the David Lynch hair. Favorite hairstyle for a guy.
3. Warby Parker.

ArtFlu - Love the shirt! I have the similar one marine inspired and I can assure it makes the look! :)

IndiaMorgan - love the red shoes with stripes. how come ladies get stuck with JEGGINGS and you lucky dudes get things like chambray trousers?! jealous.

tara polly - this look rules. just perf!

REVIEW: The Proper Suit

From what GQ would have you believe, “suits are to women what lingerie is to men.” Though our female readers might be the most authoritative voices to confirm or deny, we can’t find any evidence to dispel the notion.

That’s one reason we were so excited to connect with Richard Hall and McGregor Madden, the magicians behind Proper Suit, an online custom-suit maker. We met the guys just over a year ago at one of their fittings in Chicago and instantly connected because of our common belief that the modern world has eliminated all excuses for men not to look sharp.

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Seth J. Putnam - Messing with the new commenting system. So far so good!

Speaking Nonsense. - Greating suits and great opening picture.
That ought to be a facebook cover photo. Ha

Azalea - Great suit! The photos are beautiful.

Kate - I absolutely second that.

AnnaRuna - GREAT post. Love it.

dani - Female kryptonite. Done and done.

Des Kinlaw - Great post. Very informative. Awesome pic with the burning newspaper. It takes some balls to hold on to that. Hope you got it on the first try.

Seth J. Putnam - @John: Fair point. I updated accordingly, as I believe they’re in other Eastern locations besides just China, but you’re definitely right in clarifying that this is not American-made.

@DT: Sorry, dude. Was working on short notice and they were all that were available.

John - They may be running it out of the midwest, but it is still a Chinese made suit.

David Pennington - Fantastic. By the way – your paper is on fire. (awesome pic)

DT - Great suit, but those shoes man…

TGIF: Video Wrap-Up

  • Brad of Well-Spent dishes seven questions with George of Oak Street Bootmakers and newly opened menswear store, Independence. (Well-Spent)
    photo by Nathan Michael
  • If you’re looking for something to do tonight in the Chicago area, a few of us are going to be heading over to Heritage Bicycles for a screening of Wayne’s World tonight (Friday) at 9 p.m.
    If you haven’t seen Wayne’s World or Heritage, get your ass over there this weekend.

illustration by Nathan Michael

  • Our guy, Alex Beh, released a new short film, Coffees. Way to go, guy.

    COFFEES – watch more funny videos

  • The Age of Millenials.
    Word of advice: Don’t let your mother pick out your suit and get off the teat, pal.

  • Ladies, a few of our friends from around town weigh in on what Chicago guys think about what you’re wearing. (Refinery 29)
  • Another for the ladies: We dished our favorite spring style tips for you to forward on to the dude, brother, man, roommate in your life. (Refinery 29)
Don’t forget them deals: Huckberry and The Art of Manliness have teamed up this week to bring you a sale that includes Criquet organic polos (take 25%), Leatherhead sports equipment (take 20%), Field Notes (take 20%) and military watches (take 10%). Ends June 7.

UNIFORM: Work From Home

When you work from home, you sometimes have to come up with elaborate ways to actually trick yourself into, you know, working. (Yo freelancers, you feel me?) One of mine is actually getting dressed. In the words of the wise scribe Blake Royer, “If you don’t have pants on by 9 a.m., you’re finished.”
I can drink to that, Blake. It might be a throwback to the days of my high school dress code, but I do better work when I’m dressed for it. (Mention that you’re a freelancer, and be prepared to hear how jealous people are that you get to work in bed wearing your underwear. That can work for some folks. But not me; I’ll just end up power-eating dry pasta [think I'm kidding?] and marathoning FIFA’s career mode all morning.)

Unknown - Give’n it a go with Modern Tailor, we’ll see how it goes. As for the tie, I’ve seen it a dozen times on the Canvas website and couldn’t figure out how I’d like it; I must say, you put it to good use.

NYC1 - Where did you get the Filson tote for $40?

Miguel Ignacio - That tie is simply Amazing…

J Henley - Sharp tie! Keep up the good work!