GIVEAWAY: “Another Half Eaten Sandwich”

You’re doing well, right? Great. Things are getting about to get a little better.

We love you and we want you to have rad things.
More importantly, we want you to be able to giverad things.

You know, to your friends, family, lovers and lovers that your friends, family and lovers don’t know about yet.

We partnered up with our friend Christine Cover to do just that.
A bit about herChristine is a friend of ours from way back in undergrad who doodles and draws the quirky things that pop up in her brain. We spent many nights on her porch, bugging her and her roommates for home cooked meals. We picked up the booze; they cooked the meals. Most nights began with the preface of “I swear, we’ll do homework! I have a test tomorrow.” Yet, homework usually took the backseat. Long talks and banter took precedence as we presided over the the shenanigans on Wilson Street. Glory days, guys. #COLLEGE.

She’s a talented singer and songwriter, lovable friend, crafty artist and painter and the list goes on. When’s she’s not doodling, she’s traveling and singing. (See also: gypsy.) Currently, Christine is making cards under the moniker “Another Half-Eaten Sandwich” and pursuing an MFA in Art Education at the University of Missouri in her hometown.
Clockwise: “Ties of the Week,” “Penny Loafers,” “Fancy shirt,” “Moped,” “Bow Tie” and “Flask Me Anything!” postcards.

g.r. montero - …and i’d send it to my eldest with directions to resend it to his sister who in turn would send it to her sister…

g.r. montero - …flask me anything…just don’t ask me why!!!

Astille - W is for Whisky. And I’d send it to a long distance friend, who enjoys both typography and good whisky.

Stacy - I’d send the bowtie one to my editor at BowTie Publishing.

7283e246-34d7-11e2-bee2-000f20980440 - Whiskey is my favorite. I drink with my brother every holiday.

heblevi - Girl & Boy. I’m in college right now and freshman year my life was filled with little moments like that (minus the booze) that were made even more special by a girl I liked. Time has moved on and while I somehow managed to trick her into being my girlfriend all of those moments are slowly being taken away away.

I’m a physics major at a very competitive school and I no longer have the ability to give homework the backseat because if I do I won’t cut it. She is so wonderful though and understands when I have to say I am too busy 90% of the time, so I always look out for when I can do the little things that make her smile.

Dillon - “W” as in whiskey for sure. I’d send it to my cousin, who at one point said that she could only hold a conversation in sign language if it was about sea turtles or whiskey.

Chris - “W” as in whiskey… HA!!!

Beefcake - Im with Twice up here I like Moped a lot.

Think Twice Style - I love the moped! I would send it to my 12-year old niece because it would look great next to her Andy Griffith poster. I would have chosen Dawson’s Creek for her, but she’d rather watch The Waltons.

Friday Wrap-Up: What’s On Our Radar

UPDATE: The watch below, worn by Cam, is a WWII-era Russian piece by Vostok. He found it for $30 on Etsy. Sadly, it has been lost…though he notes it didn’t keep very good time. YOLO.

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Around Chicago this weekend:
  • If you’re up for it, trek to the burbs for the Red Wing Heritage Trunk Show at Nordstrom this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
  • Apartment Number 9 brings its Bucktown digs to the Gold Coast. (Thrillist)

6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys - [...] A Thrifted Historical Watch — This time around, consider a watch that speaks of both past and present time. Cam discovered a Vostok watch from WWII for $30 on Etsy, but you can best find these old-timers on eBay, Craigslist, or even your local thrift shop. Just be wary of the watch’s age compared to its ability to keep time. [...]

Alan does... - really want to know where that watch is from ?

Leah - I feel like these bow ties should also be on your guys’ radar… I just read about them on another blog; they look so cool and I know you would totally rock them.

Owen - I’d love to know more about that watch

Godlesscook - Also requesting info on that watch, looks great!

Fabric Snob - hey duderinos, just found your site via a link from fashion goggled… totally in love with your site and concept!! keep up the awesome work <3<3<3

Melanie - love that watch! where is it from?

Margo - Where are the watch and the bracelet from? They are gorgeous!


You don’t need a chaperone to walk into an Anthropologie.
You can do it all by yourself, man. And if you’re dragged into the store by your lady or mom, bite your tongue, put away your phone and take a peek around. Sure, it’s a white girl’s haven of Pinterest-worthy finds that she pins and pins and pins away at into the wee hours in the morning. 
But they also carry a hefty amount of home and kitchen supplies with a quirky appeal that will surely bring all you snobby mid-century modern wankity wanks an upturned nose. Well, try on a beatnik hat for a change and embrace the wonderland. She could spend a while in a store, probably just as long as she could pinning and pinning and pinning away her imaginary bedroom.
We totally spend the same amount of time on fantasy football leagues, so I think we can take one for the team.
Being the quintessential friend of the quintessential Pinterest girl, I ventured into Anthropologie this past week and found a few things that you might like as well. I was actually looking for bed sheets and walked out with a candle. So, go figure this post was about to happen.

  • Anthropologie can take a hint that men are filthy booze hounds: 
    • Silver spoon ($7); piece of cake ($8) and horn bottle opener ($30)
  • Pocket square, snot rag or fancy cloth napkin. You decide.
    • Literary correspondance napkin set ($30).
  • Because you’re using your mason jar to drink fancy drinks out of:
    • Besom holder ($70) to hold your blades and fancy pens.
  • Because you already have a tin to hold your pipe tobacco:
    • Classic bike repair tin kit ($14). Hey, it looks cool, and it’s practical.
  • The most masculine candle from a woman’s store:
    • Voluspa “Baltic Amber” glass jar candle ($26). No assembly required.
  • Warm those hard floors a bit, yeah?
    • Festival rug ($78). You can have some color in your house, I swear.
Of all the things I want or need (or think I need to want), the bottle openers catch my eye. For my first two months since relocating to Brooklyn, my bottle opener was a lighter. I just recently upgraded to a shitty four-dollar one from the local bodega. I also spent $26 on a candle and bought the one above.
Punch me or whatever, but then smell my room and you’ll find that it no longer reeks of gym clothes, stale air and seasonal allergies.

Seth J. Putnam - Hey all:

The watch is a WWII-era Russian piece by Vostok. He found it for $30 on Etsy. Sadly, it has been lost…though he notes it didn’t keep very good time. YOLO.

Maya {CharminglyStyled} - This is excellent – I always drag my boyfriend to Anthropologie and he despises every minuite {which is very legitimate}. I’ll have to guide him to some of these things to justify my purchases there…..


Matthew Lane - I follow the Missus in there most every time find ourselves wandering around CC Plaza. Historically I have spent the time checking out their quirky selection of books, but I will wander around behind her next time. = )

Tyne Swedish - This post was brilliantly written. I laughed all the way through! It is nice to see a guy see the brighter side of a situation and make it his own. That’s really hot!


Chuck B. - This comment has been removed by the author.

Carlene - Manthropology :)

FAVORITE: Dog Days Of…Fall?

Right when I’m settling into a happy routine of sweaters, wool socks and layering, the temperature spikes up to the mid-80s. I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s just like you to do this, Midwest—every damn year. Ah, well. When summer is as fleeting as it is in the northern half of this region, you’ve gotta cherish every last day even if it comes in the middle of autumn.
And when you find a piano on an abandoned freight railroad track, what do you? You were going to say “take some senior pictures,” right? Right. (You’re all invited to my high school graduation in two years.) Thankfully, the talented Rob Culpepper was on hand and in the mood to shoot some medium format film on the Bloomingdale Trail, Chicago’s undeveloped and still super-secret future answer to New York’s High Line.

A note on the trousers: Dockers? Yeah, you read that right. Your dad’s favorite brand has updated some of its offerings with more tapered silhouettes that look like like khakis but wear like jeans. They’re called Alpha Khakis, and I’ve been wearing the hell out of ‘em. Along with a second green pair, they’ve become fast favorites. 
It’s still fall, right? I got hooked on yerba mate in Argentina and have it with me most days when it gets late in the year.

On Seth: Indian cotton button-down (sale $30, reg. $75) by J.Crew; “Alpha Khakis” in British khaki (sale $59, reg. $68) by Dockers; natural veg leather belt by Cause and Effect; thrifted loafers by Giorgio Brutini; “Weekender” watch ($25) by Timex with Horween leather strap ($95) by Buckshot Sonny’s.
Oh, and if you’re a Mizzou Tiger, you’re headed into a special weekend. Cam and I will see you at Homecoming, suckers.
Photos by Rob Culpepper.

Tyne Swedish - Another hilarious post guys and I know exactly what you mean when referencing the weather in this region! Here in Indy two days ago it was 70F then the following day it was 40F raining, snowing and hailing. Then the sun came out and while still freezing out it was as if nothing had happened.


Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie - Hey fellow midwestern fashion blogger!

Such a great blog. These photos are really top notch, and I’m really diggin’ the vibe. Paul Bunyon meets j.crew model. It’s so hard to find blogs with such nice photos, and I’m super jealous that you’ve got someone to take the great pics.

The one with the thermos is my favorite. So glad to have found your blog! Love learning about other midwestern style afficianados.


Adam - I really like that plaid shirt! It screams fall and is extremely affordable.

NORTHERNGRADE: Chicago Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, NorthernGRADE is coming to Chicago. This edition of the legendary pop-up market will be produced by our friends over at Well Spent and Pierrepont Hicks, so if you’re in town you’ve really got no excuse for missing out on the festivities.
Having been to Minneapolis, the place where it all started, we saw firsthand what all the fuss is about and we can tell you that NorthernGRADE is one of the gems of the Midwest. You can expect beer, camaraderie, and damn fine American-made goods. But don’t believe what you’re reading here: take our word for it. 
When: Saturday, Oct. 27 (10am – 6pm)
Where: Open Secret Studios (401 N Racine Ave)
Who: Made-in-the-USA vendors!
  1. Penelope’s (Sponsor) – Chicago, IL
  2. Haberdash (Sponsor) – Chicago, IL
  3. Red Wing - Red Wing, MN
  4. Tellason - San Francisco, CA
  5. Winter Session  - Chicago, IL
  6. Pierrepont Hicks - Minneapolis, MN
  7. Oak St. Bootmakers - Chicago, IL
  8. Independence - Chicago, IL
  9. Portland General Store – Portland, ME
  10. Field Notes - Chicago, IL
  11. Archival Clothing – Eugene, OR
  12. MidNorth Mercantile - Minneapolis, MN
  13. Stormy Kromer – Ironwood, MI
  14. Sir & Madame - Chicago, IL
  15. Locally Grown - Des Moines, IA
  16. Corter Leather – Boston, MA
  17. Inland Clothing – Chicago, IL
  18. Heritage Bicycles - Chicago, IL
  19. Drift Eyewear - Chicago, IL