I am a huge (HUGE) Avett Brothers fan. Their recent rise to popularity first struck a bitter chord to me (I’ve been a listener since 2005 – I was 14) and I became protective of their music and my own fanhood. I’ve grown out of that stage, however, and I’m glad to share them with the rest of the world, mostly because I think everyone should know how incredible their music is. Somewhere in there, though, I think everyone should have the chance to stare at Scott Avett. Aside from playing banjo in the Avett Brothers, Scott enjoys painting, making prints and posters for his own shows, and (not) grooming his beard. If I could have the pogonotrophy of any other human on the face of the Earth, it would be Scott. Also, born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, raised in Concord, North Carolina – Scott Avett is the definition of Americana. What is more American than a banjo? You’re right, nothing.

Deborah - and he is amazingly gorgeous!

United States of GOOD Beer //

the united states of GOOD beer via GOOD

Representing the better half of the state of Missouri, Boulevard Brewing Company took the title. As a local Kansas City native, I’m glad to support our local brewery that consistently produces amazing craft beers. Although, I do love a summer Weach from O’Fallon and I’ve got some Coffee Stout from Schlafly in the fridge right now, I’m glad my hometown took the title. So far I’ve drank beer from Alaska Brewing Company, Nimbus, New Belgium, Dogfish Head, Landshark, Free State, Abita, Flying Dog Brewery, Bells, Big Sky Brewing Company, Granite City and Full Sail. I think that’s about it… Dogfish Head and Bells are among my other favorites that I’ve had.

I’ll go ahead and tack this map on my wall alongside my “To Drink:” list.

Allegra - As a (temporary) Floridian, I’d have to say that, to me, Landshark doesn’t compare to Lagunitas (lil sumpin wild being my favorite). It’s very smooth, and while I tend to be one that prefers a porter or a stout, I’m quite a fan of this little number (although it’s not all that wild).
I will say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed that I can’t seem to find a bottle of Miles Davis- Bitches Brew anywhere. Supposedly, it’s delicious.

jeff - @Glen You’ll be eating those words when I tell you that I drank a Boulevard Chocolate Ale last night. Mark my words, Glen. One of the best beers I’ve ever had. It’s not a stout my friend, which you would commonly associate with chocolate flavors, Oh no. It’s a Chocolate Ale. Completely different taste. Your welcome.

Glen - I think the list should probably be “the United States of well known about better than decent beer.” There are some much better brewery’s out there that take a little more effort than “What can I find from each state on the shelf of my local Whole Foods?”
It is a travesty to put New Belgium on this list, especially with all of the phenomenal micro-brews in Colorado… And Boulevard? Well, I don’t really know what to say about that.

Oh well, Cheers from London where the stouts run like the salmon of Capistrano

HAVE: camel hair sportcoat

I’m not tired of winter, just tired of wearing so many dark colors. So a little life was brought to my outfit today. 100% Camel Hair Sportcoat, son. 
“Jones Store” camel hair sport coat size 38L ($8) , American Apparel Small Oxford ($58),
Kenneth Stevens thrifted tie ($1)

Poor tie job, I know. Rocking this with some 14oz Karabo Baldwins and some blue suede bucks.

spring 2011 (pictured) fall 2010 brick bottom bucks (similar) $50

The camel hair breaks up the monochromatic look of blue shoes, blue jeans, blue shirt, and blue tie. No socks, of course. It’s not THAT cold. Happy Sunday, gentlemen.

The greatest lyricist of our time

Would Dylan have been considered to have good sartorial style at the time this photo (by Richard Avedon) was taken, or is this just another sign that we’re all into classic style now? On a related note, is “classic” ever out of style? Today, the answer’s no. But what was the answer in the ’80s?

Sam - Well, I would say the fact that Richard Avedon took the photo is answer enough considering the amount of fashion photography he did.