Style vs. fashion

February 23, 2011

Style is permanent

Fashion is fleeting

You’ll notice that I talk about style and never about fashion. Fashion comes and goes, so I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it due to its inherent transience. Style, on the other hand, is timeless.

Hear, hear, Steve.

“fashions fade; style is eternal” yves st. laurent.

Bon Iver and the Midwest

February 23, 2011

the singer’s style, music, sequestering himself into that snowy cabin in Wisconsin to create some of the most beautiful breakup music ever played in a world where every other song is about severing ties.

big advocate for the Midwest.

Adventures in $5 haircuts

February 23, 2011

Dropping off a friend
see the sign

these women jeff and I met in the Violet Hour — $50 in the salon, $25

memories of the Lion’s Den – and being concerned when the prices when up from $9 to $11. Then getting spoiled in college by my hair-stylist cousin who gave me a family rate that would have been robbery in any other joint.

imagine my surprise, then, when I walked in a salon in a small Mississippi town and left 20 minutes later with 23 fewer dollars in my pocket.

And upon moving to chicago: $17 many places — at least at a “classic” barbershop — and $21 with tip.

I’d almost gotten to the point where I was ready to hack up my own hair.

But not quite yet.

how? haircutting students?

the description. how to be as specific as possible. picture?

the cut. was it good?

the barber. was he a character?

the tip. how much?

Guide to fitting

February 23, 2011

Riff off Esquire, attach card people can print off and take their measurements.

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