Tuesday Inspiration: Men’s NYFW 2011

A lot of the time, we base pieces of our own style on some odd sources:
  • Jeff: home interiors & womenswear
  • Seth: story & foreign culture
  • Cam: the outdoors & historic events
We were checking out GQ’s coverage of New York Fashion Week, and we noticed some diverging opinions between us. Seth was drawn to more textured items: tweed blazers, knit cardigans, wool slacks, leather gloves, camel hair overcoats—all pretty posh British and woodsy, maybe accented with a splash of color. I (Jeff), on the other hand, was all about the experimental shit: puffy coats, bright primary colors, leather belts cinched around trench coats, cuffs and high hems everywhere.
Here’s one that stood out to both of us:

credit: gq.com // tommy ton
ABOUT: You might not have camel hair sport coat in your closet, but I happened to thrift one last year for 6 bones on a whim.
WHY: I’ve been exploring different ways to wear it and this is one avenue sans oxford cotton button down.

WHY THIS LOOK WORKS: It’s a good balance of neutrals, texture and style. The neutral black denim and fun striped tee are broken up by the brown and copper belt, which creates a unique contrast. In the meantime, the worn wool cardigan tames the stripes topped off with a soft camel color. The camel-hair sport coat adds an element of softness while tying back the brown belt with the wooden buttons on the coat.
INSPIRATION: The camel hair blazer was a trend for womenswear this past fall, and I wanted in on the neutral action. That was part of my inspiration even while rocking it this past fall and winter.
Nudie Jeans “Thin Finn” dry, coated, black denim during winter sale for $75 from Standard Style; The Jones Store for Men camel hair blazer thrifted, $6; Grey cardigan thrifted, $2; J.CREW men’s leather belt during winter sale, $3; American Apparel Striped Tee, $40.
photography by Jarred Donalson,
sorry you couldn’t come to Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ for lunch.

midweSTYLE: Taste the grainbow

It’s still cold here in the Midwest, thus you still have some time to put more mileage of your Red Wings and break them in before they’re reluctantly thrown into their seasonal retirement.

Gentlemen, today we’re going to show how to look manly, outdoorsy, Midwestern or whatever you wanna call it and do it with some life.
Then, add a splash of color.
It never hurts, really.
Just not to your mixed drink or bank account balance.

The pop of the purple and green add a fun element if you don’t want your whole look drowned out with colors of the grainbow.

It wouldn’t be a Midwestyle post without a crotch thrust or slight hip swing. We’re fresh out of college and miss the glory days of impromptu dance parties and the daily shenanigans of slumming around on East Campus. Please bear with us.

WHY THIS LOOK WORKS: This is an easy “Midwestern” look. You’ve got your khakis, your jacket and your boots. You’ve got everything to throw this look together. There isn’t really anything “special” about this look.  Now,  just add some color. We aren’t afraid of that, are we?
CHANGE IT UP: Add a button down with some color to show a little life in the home stretch of this winter season. Come on, you can do it.

thrifted J.CREW XS four-pocket jacket $6.99, J.CREW purple and green button down $12.99, rag & bone m2061555 for $40 in Chicago, Red Wing 8878boot from Halls for $78, Fossil leather & canvas weekender from the good ol’ Lake of the Ozarks Outlet Mall $60, Timex Camper Watch $18 on amazon

photography courtesy of college roommate and Kansas City denizen, Jarred Donalson.
thank you for answering my phone call even though you knew that I needed a favor.

mallory wiegers - i <3 college. all the live long day

Seth J. Putnam - You do know that means balls, right? You balls college?

cameron - You missed a lot of hip thrusting this weekend. I <3 college.

Overheard: Ed Hardy

Overheard one bro at Nordstrom Rack in Chicago today:

“You gotta search through a lot of shit at this place. But every once in a while you can find a $100 Ed Hardy T-shirt for $50, and then you know you’ve got it.”

This is why this blog exists.

Sarah - Hilarious! Thank-you for sharing that quotable. Ever see the video parody called the “Ed Hardy Boyz”? If not, you tube it and prepare for a good chuckle.


myedit - I got some spammy email from Ed Hardy (himself obviously…) saying that my blog seemd like a good match for some advertising. I died a little inside that day.

FAVORITE: Duluth Pack, The Wanderer in Waxed Canvas

Last fall, upon deciding I needed a new backpack (I still get to wear backpacks after all because, well, I’m still in college), I went perusing the Internet to find a bag that was:

  • Made out of waxed canvas.
  • Made in the USA.

After primitively Googling these criteria, I landed on Duluth Pack’s website. After reading about Duluth a bit, I was sold. The 128-year-old company’s reputation was worthy of buying into: American-made, handcrafted gear. I was into it, and the Wanderer seemed to fit my taste and criteria the best, so I pulled the trigger. The bag was sold out, so I’d have to pine for it for another 2 weeks before it arrived.
The wait was well worth it. It’s almost too spacious for my purposes, the main compartment (drawstring closure, with a top flap that buckles over it) holds my Mac, a slew of textbooks and journals, a thermos, and a sweatshirt with relative ease. The weight, almost surprisingly to me, didn’t put much of a strain on my back, even with the unpadded straps. The side and front compartments were perfect for holding anything else I may need to carry (cords, external hardrive, water bottles, writing utensils, iPod, etc.).
Overall, the carrying capacity was far beyond expected, in a good way. My favorite aspect of the bag has been the waxed canvas; it eliminates all worry about taking it out in snow or rainfall and shows wear in subtle, but eye-catching ways. If you’re looking to replace an aging North Face (not hating on NF, just saying) or your old high school Jansport (again, I love Jansport), and are looking for a company worth investing in for said replacement, I’d urge you to check out Duluth Pack. I promise, this bag is worth every penny.
Oh, did I mention it’s guaranteed for life?

Mike - Thanks for posting! After 100 years in the same factory we are proud that other folks are enjoying our bags as much as we do!
-Duluth Pack-

mallory wiegers - nice hanky

Daniel Cummings - So killer. Great choice.

Jobbing it in Chi-city, part three

When it comes to an interview, you want your personality to shine, but not too much.Sexy, but not too sexy.
Show some skin, but not too much skin.
A little ankle, maybe some cleavage, but hey, this ain’t no free show.
Dressy, but not too dressy.
What better way to show your personality and character but through an awful ’70s-looking retro tie? Thrifted, of course.
Psh, you think I’ll pay full price for a 100% silk tie when my student loans are sky high?
Natural leather belt from URBN $4.99, Baldwin 14oz Karabo “the Henley,” American Apparel blue oxford button down, Billtornade sport coat, thrifted awful retro tie $1, thrifted diagonal stripe tie bar $1, Filson tote without zipper.

David - Oh well that’s a different story all together, when you’re selling denim, you had better be wearing that shit. I work with jewelry and watches and I always make sure I wear some of what I sell, if you’re not a believer of your product the customer won’t be either. Jay-Z quote was dead on there.

mallory wiegers - a little ankle. . . gets me every time. also, i saw your hits. i’m number 3000 and i’m feeling good about it

jeff - Glen- I mean, when you’re selling selvedge denim, you like to rep the product…

Seth – A risky move, indeed. We’ll see if it pays off. Ballsy? Yes. Banksy? Probably.

David – To quote a famous lyricist, Jay-Z, “I’m not a business man, I’m a business, man.” And about that suit….yeah….about that.

David - Hahaha that just won the award for best response to a slightly backhanded compliment. I guess it all depends on what he is interviewing for. If it’s a creative job they might like that, if it’s banking they probably won’t. I would probably always wear a suit to an interview just to show I have one and I know how to use it really well.

Seth J. Putnam - That’s probably because London = proper, you posh spaz. But I agree; Jeff made a risky move. Think it paid off, though, because now there’s such a thing as “dressy” jeans. But I’m not sure I’d be as ballsy.

Glen - Tie looks great, as does the tie bar… I have heard numerous times from just about everyone never to wear jeans to an interview, even if they dress casual to work. We can wear jeans to our company but I don’t think anybody who wore them to a first interview would be asked back for a second.