Weekender: Crotches, Beckham, Peacocking, and Tomahawks

We’ve got links galore. Seeing as the work week is pretty much over, make it look like you’re being productive with this “research.” Oh, and there’s even some sale intel at the end. Ch-ch-check it.
  • An Aussie’s read on the dilemma of American pants: The nation needs to tighten up the crotch a bit.  [Park & Bond]
  • Turns out, David Beckham is a pretty down to earth guy. Talented athlete, stand-up husband, caring father and…underwear designer. Mr. Blasberg sheds some light on these skivvies. [Mr. Blasberg]

  • “I look like an apple left in the back of the van for all of July.” Also, does the fist-to-elbow really work for people? Some relatively insightful thoughts on age, personal style and what goes with that. (Raises glass) To Peacocking! [via Selectism]
  • Do you know the key to recovery after bawling your eyes out so it looks like you never did? Let someone your younger sister’s age tell you the facts, friends. I mean, not that you’re crying or anything. [RookieMag]
  • Savannah Kvist asked Swedish college students to cram everything they own in a pile. The sculptures were fascinating and brings a question to mind, “Could I do that?” Yes, I do actually. Just look in my room right now. [Inhabit]
Psst: Sale! The dudes at Huckberry are at it again (as they are every week). Here’s what’s up now:
  • KNIVES. These are dope. The designer at Big Rock Forge designs and smelts these babies himself. Get ‘em. 
  • TOMAHAWKS. From Base Camp X. For 10% off. I mean, come on.
  • CAMPING GEAR. Are you sensing a theme yet? This time 24–40% off from Alite Designs. Get some.
This stuff ends on Tuesday, April 3. Move fast.

dani - Well, now I’m officially obsessed with Gavin McInnes.

<3 The Daily Dani

Seth J. Putnam - Good catch; hasty mistake. Thanks for reading!

Joe D. - Nice to see CoMO boys doing big things. A spell check might give your professionalism a bump. ‘Balling’ your eyes out? Come on now…

busanalayali - This is a great posting I have read. I like your article..

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midweSTYLE: Put a bird on it

Go ahead and get your comments out of the way with “Put a bird on it!
Bring it on.
When I walked into the London store, I saw one of the sales associates wearing this shirt and asked if they had my size is stock.  Bummed that they didn’t have my size to try, the guy took the shirt off his back and let me give it a go.
Talk about customer service, people.

The shirt has an interesting story behind it as well:
The Jackdaw print was created by Edwyn Collins, best known for his hit ‘A Girl Like You.’ A former member of the band Orange Juice, Collins suffered from a double brain hemorrhage in 2005. As part of his rehabilitation, Collins created these individual illustrations. Having heard his story, Liberty immortalized his illustrations for SS12.
It’s rad when brands develop product with a story behind it.

 On Jeff: “Jackdaw” shirt by Barbour, available at Need Supply; green cotton military blazer from Urban Outfitters; scarf from Italy; dirty grey beanie from Target; slim dark navy “Thunder” wash in “Max” fit by Acne, available at Opening Ceremony; beloved Plainsman’s tan “Zachary” boots by Walkover Shoes; skinny railroad spike cuff by Giles & Brother; “Weekender” watch by Timex.

Photography by Yewon Kim

charlesdusty10 - Awesome man. So cool and stylish outfits.

mens motorcycle suit

Backpacks, y’all

Here’s an all-points bulletin. You don’t have to be among the freshly admitted undergrad masses roaming college campuses with North Face backpacks. (Can I get a witness on them Jansport ‘packs, too?) It may also be time to retire the ratty patches and band pins from your more angst-filled youth.
We sent help. If a tote or a messenger bag isn’t your jam and you like to be hands free, throw one of these backpacks over your shoulders for your daily commute. 
But before you scroll, can we talk about one-shoulder backpacks? 
They just don’t make sense. It’s like wearing a jacket with one sleeve.
I already have a minor case of scoliosis; do I really need to further that curvature? Hell no.
I digress.
Here are our picks for this spring. They’re across a variety of price points, and they’re organized in no particular hierarchy. I should add the disclaimer that some of these should be filed under “pure fantasy” (cc: the Billykirk rucksack at the smooth total of $440)—at least until we all get jobs managing hedge funds.

Top row:

  • Convertible backpack ($240) by Beams Plus x Kelty, available at Mr. Porter
  • “Kanken” 15-inch laptop bag ($110) by Fjall Raven, available at Need Svpply
  • “Little America” 20-oz backpack ($140) by Herschel Supply Co., available at Need Svpply
  • Rucksack ($440) by Opening Ceremony x Billykirk, available at Opening Ceremony
Bottom row:
  • “Pathfinder Wanderer” ($175) by Duluth Pack , available at Duluth Pack
  • Digital camo backpack ($60) by Herschel Supply Co., available at Urban Outfitters
  • “Scoutmaster” laptop pack ($175) by Duluth Pack, available at Duluth Pack
  • Canvas rucksack ($260) by Filson, available at Park & Bond

I’ve toyed with each of these and haven’t made my decision on what I’m gonna sling over my shoulders once warmer weather makes afternoon sessions at the beach regular occurrences. I’m sporting this rucksack right now and it’s on its last leg.

So, interwebz: What kind of bag do you carry?

Colin Firth - Yes! Finally rustic style backpacks post! I have been searching for a pack like that for a while.
Im enjoying your blog and know I follow it!

Bill - I snagged this John Varvatos canvas and leather rucksack on sale in the fall and use it almost daily.


Nickolena Coop - Awww, I love my turquoise jansport bag. I tied braided embroidery thread around all the zippers to spruce it up

Zach Glotfelty - You know I got to support my local Orlando guys in Makr.


tim - Poler’s Rucksack. I have the burnt orange one… Pretty perfect size and the side’s can be unstrapped to slim it down.


golb0016 - I’m a big fan of Duluth Pack. They make a high quality bags that look great. If you’re willing to spend a little more, it’s worth it.

Matt - I love this bag so much. Used it every chance I’ve got during travel/everyday (laptop, cameras, etc). It’s a tad pricey but honestly will last me forever.

Archival Waxed Cotton Rucksack.

Picked it up in Brooklyn here – http://www.stuartandwright.com/Archival_Waxed_Cotton_Rucksack_4885.html

samuel ross - http://makr.com/#product=farm-ruck-sack-natural

so far it’s perfect for what i need in a daily pack.

Seth J. Putnam - Whoa, those are pretty rad. Looks like they’ve branched out.

Adam J. - Personally, I think Jansport Heritage has some cool options (especially Hoss, Ski and Hike – ok, mostly I like the old school logo).

DIY: Rope Bracelet

With the rising popularity of men’s bracelets—love ‘em or hate ‘em—there have been a slew of brands who are doing their part to push polished men’s accessories. Miansai, for example, has put out some really great stuff for dudes.

If you’re like me, though, you don’t exactly have a bunch of extra skrilla lying around to spend on bracelets. The next option is to take the do-it-yourself route. In this case, that route is easily traveled. Here’s what you need:
  • Cord rope – you’ll inevitably have to buy more than you want. Grab some buddies, make friendship bracelets or something?
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
This process is incredibly simple, and if you’ve ever been to summer camp and know what’s up, you can go ahead and tune out. For those of you haven’t, start by cutting the rope to fit your wrist – allow yourself an extra centimeter or so, it’ll get removed in the process. Do note, the rest of this procedure is easiest with the help of a partner, but feel free to try it on your own. After I’ve cut my rope to size, I like to slide a small piece of hardware on the rope to cover the knot that will soon close the bracelet, but it’s not essential.
Next, burn the ends of the two ends of the rope with the lighter. The artificial fibers will catch flame and melt (this is where you lose that extra centimeter you accounted for).
After they’ve burned for a few seconds, blow them out and carefully place the rope around your wrist. Using wet fingers (the ends will still be hot), put the two burnt ends together. The waxy nylon will meld together with pressure.
If the ‘knot’ isn’t ideal, alternate burning and molding it with wet fingers until it’s to your liking.
At this point, I slide the bolt or spacer over the knot. Make sure that the opening in the hardware isn’t too big, just big enough where you’ll have to use some pressure to get the burnt knot inside. From there it will catch and be difficult to slide.
Voila! A brand new rope bracelet. Really, not all that difficult. Granted, it can’t be taken off, but the fact that you have to wear it all the time means it will show its wear and tatter with time, not unlike your selvedge or Authentics.
Get creative with this stuff, people!
On Cameron: navy gingham winter-weight button down courtesy of Wharf; Submariner watch (eBayed new for $145) by Military Watch Company; handmade rope bracelets

Photos by Elizabeth Calvert.

nahid - It’s a great idea to make a bracelet easily. I will be try to make this type of bracelet on my hand and thank you man for sharing this type of idea.Mens bracelets

Pearl Blay - What a super idea! Trying to find jewelry that a guy would like is difficult! Will feature and link in a future post (closer to Father’s Day) so others can come visit!


Reese - Thanks Hallock; I like that bracelet a lot too. I think I’ll be making a lot of those as summer presents for kids and teenagers.

Hallock - Also of note is a Turk’s knot, which can be done with paracord or packing twine.


midweSTYLE: Camo, cuffed.

Spring is, well, nearly here. 
Time to ditch your socks, throw a cuff in your pants and get ready for the flood.
And those ankles? They’ll always look pasty white unless you let ‘em breathe.
The super helpful folks over at Levi’s were kind enough to track down these pants for me. I called my local Wicker Park store, and they handed over the style number so I could call a random West Coast store to see if they had these camo-lined trousers in my size. Low and behold, they did and shipped ‘em my way. 

Spring also calls for some light layering. I snagged this lightweight Barbour Liddesdale jacket while I was in London on vacation. A little haggling and £40 later, I was glad to take this jacket off the vintage seller’s hands in Brick Lane.

On Jeff: Blue Liddesdale jacket by Barbour; purple pullover by J.Crew; blue button-down shirt by Gant Rugger; camo-lined cuffed trousers (sold out) by Levi’s; Italian penny loafers thrifted in Andersonville, Chicago; blue “KC” hat by Baldwin Denim.

Photography by Carolina Rodriguez

Dusty - Alright, I’ll stop being crazy, but I discovered more about the sizing. The ‘lighweight’ Liddesdale jacket only comes as part of the LIFESTYLE collection, it is however a more slim version of the ‘regular’ Liddesdale jacket. In addtion, it is also shorter, so if you plan on wearing it over a Blazer, it might be a bit short.

I verified this with the folks at Barbour. They also mentioned if you are indeed looking for the jacket to be more form fitting, they recommend sizing down.

Hoping this information helps some people and some good sartorial Karma floats my way in the form of an ebay or Thrift Store find.


Dusty - So I’ll answer my own question as I just found some valuable information. I was under the impression the Liddesdale was only available in the LIFESTYLE collection (slim fit). Turns our it is also available in the HERITAGE collection (slimmer fit). Wow. Why can’t anything in my life be more straightforward?

Anyone else have any thoughts or experiences regarding my Liddesdale sizing woes.

Dusty - Very curious about the size of the Liddesdale jacket. They typically run a bit large and can be boxy. What size are you and what size is the jacket…because it looks great!

Anyone else have expriences with the Liddesdale sizing they would care to share??

Dusty Walsh - This comment has been removed by the author.

gmtack - this outfit is so sick! I would wear the shit out of it! Well done!

Unknown - I do like the pants, but the no socks look just does not work for me with fair skin.

Blake - Those pants are simply brilliant. I wonder if my seamstress wife could DIY me some of those… Excellent post, gentlemen!


gabrielle - those are awesome. I kind of want to DIY a pair of my own, and a pair for my bf, of course!