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Hues For You: Navy

When I think about men’s wardrobes, I automatically think that the color navy is really boring. This is coming from the guy whose wardrobe is 70% navy, because I love it, even if it is boring. So I got to thinking, how can I wear navy in an interesting way? I realized its not so much how I wear it, but how the piece in question stands out in its own way. Navy pieces can definitely be interesting, classic and wearable, but the devil is in the details. What makes that piece interesting? Is it the texture (soft cashmere, lustrous linen, nappy tweed), is it the details (elbow patches, contrast stitching, graphic lines or elements), is it the fit (slim and tailored or drape-y and loose) or is it another element? So this, sirs, is what I challenge both you and myself with when it comes to buying/wearing Navy or other neutrals.

So when I challenged myself with attention to detail, I couldn’t help but notice all of this great navy in menswear accessories. navy

So, starting from bottom left and moving our way upward; here’s the round up.

1. Saturdays Surf does it again with this Jeremiah CPO Jacket. Traditionally, the CPO (chief petty officer’s) jacket was worn in the U.S. Navy. This wool version has what I’m looking for: texture, details (hidden side seam pockets) and fit. This is a great layering piece, whether throwing on as a jacket on cooler days or under your winter coat for added warmth. 

2. I’m a sucker for henleys. This Saturdays Surf Nolan henley meets my criteria of texture (jersey knit, oh so soft) and detail with the contrast ribbed neckline.

3. Navy. Now theres a color I don’t see often in eyeglasses, but thanks to Warby Parker, I do now. The Baxter in navy is a great and subtle hint of style, while being classic and wearable as well as affordable at just $95  a pair.

4. I’m one of those guys who likes his hair to look nice, but who hates to deal with it. Solution: baseball cap. This Todd SnyderXChampion  baseball hat is the answer. Made in the U.S., this hat is the perfect coverup for my Sunday morning bed head.

5. If you haven’t heard of Shinola by now, you should. Shinola is a Detroit based watch/leather/accessories based company that is combining the heritage of American craftmanship with art. You can find hand made watches, footballs, bicycles, journals and other accessories. I’m particularly fond of this leather envelope for my MacBook, which would wear greatly over time.

6. Topman sells this really great brand of shoe, House Of Hounds, that has this really great English sensibility. Mixed with my love for England and my love for loafers, these Navy Tassle Loafers caught my eye. These suede loafers mix my love of textiles with my love for line and graphic elements with the clean line on the upper of the shoe. I would wear these with a light wash denim, white oxford and a great shawl collar cardigan.

How do you like to wear navy?

***disclaimer-this post is a little old, but I hope you enjoy!


midweSTYLE: Double down

Let’s dish out another take on wearing a double-breasted jacket today, yeah? Cam brought his game with a Barena find last week, and I’m continuing with an Aspesi gem.
This is my first double-breasted jacket, let alone my first year-round + Italian designer jacket. I added in plaid shirt, thrifty slim carpenter pants, leopard-print hat and Nike Safari sneakers. So many red flags, styles clashing and seasons colliding in one outfit. But I was comfortable and in a hurry to meet up with Yewon Kim to snap some photos. Be warned when you meet up with Yewon: She’s in a league of her own.

Ladies, take note of Yewon’s outfits. Guys, take note of Yewon’s outfits. Everyone, follow the Yewon.

Story time on the wine-stained trousers: These Levi’s slim carpenter pants are favorites because of the lore behind them. A halloween-plus-birthday party was thrown at my house in Logan Square last year.  I remember neither my costume nor the song, but I swatted a wine glass out of the hands of some white girl with bangs (or rather her flailing arms swatted me.) The wine glass splattered and shattered on my computer and all over my pants. The white girl with bangs didn’t skip a beat and kept on dancing. The computer spluttered out, however, and a part of me died that night. The following day, I took it to the Apple Store, where they took a look and said, “Well, we tried to turn it on, but it smelled like wine and beer. It’s toast, bro.” 
Let’s review: My computer smells not just like “alcohol,”  but specifically, “wine and beer.” Noted, Genius Bar guy. My computer smelled like booze, I GET IT.

A day later, I emptied my bank account to get a new laptop. ‘Cuz Internet. A week later, I finally washed my wine-splattered carpenter pants. But the stains remain…and somewhere I think I still have that wine-logged laptop, too. 

On Jeff: Double-breasted cotton blazer by Aspesi from Mr. Porter; checkered button-down by A.P.C.; carpenter pants by Levi’s; Air Safari sneakers by Nike from St. Alfreds in Chicago; five-panel cap by Reed Space + Publish from St. Alfreds in Chicago; frames by Warby Parker.

TREND: Camo Jacket

Hop on the train of mixing prints, patterns, textures, colors and leathers. It’ll probably stop soon, so let’s make this trip quick, yeah?
If you’ve been to any vintage, thrift or resale shops lately, you can tell that camo and military jacket sare making their rounds. This was my favorite summer wear to toss over a tank or light tee. It also enabled me to haul keys, cards, cellphones, wallets, swag and the like around without cramping my shorty shorts.
Now with fall upon us, it’s still a great layering piece. Think about subbing this guy in for a cardigan, or pile a down vest on over it. Comb through a thrift store to find one on the cheap, or dole out a few extra bucks at a curated resale shop to save you some time. 
  • Pro Tip: If it’s short or boxy or baggy, just roll the sleeves to make a hybrid, kimono-like sleeve of sorts and pretend you’re chill about it because you’re confident. That’s what I do with most of my clothes. ‘Cuz lanky arms.

On Jeff: Unstructured camo jacket ($3, thrift store) by Ranger; embroidered” University” chinos by Rugby; thrifted duo-tone “Nashua” loafers by Allen Edmonds; long-sleeve tee from Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen; railroad spike cuff by Giles & Brother; thrifted Navajo silver bracelet; “Weekender” watch by Timex; “Preston” glasses in Gimlet Tortoise by Warby Parker.

Photos by Rob Culpepper.

midweSTYLE: Whiteout

Few pieces in a man’s arsenal are more divisive than white denim. 
There are two sides of the fence—and few people are actually on the fence itself. Dudes either love white denim, or they hate it. I fall on the former side, obviously. That said, I’ve had conversations with guys who tend to stay away from the white for fear of a painful amount of upkeep. But, perhaps there’s a mental shift that needs to be had. Listen…
You guys remember when you got your new kicks at the beginning of the school year, right? As boys, we all feared that if those snow-white Converse All-Stars got a speck of playground dust on or around their perfectly pure uppers, that cute girl who sat at the desk next to you would not shoot you a second glance and all of third grade would be an ultimate failure. But, if you remember correctly, you ended up wearing those pristine kicks to a muddy kickball game a few weeks later and still managed to get playground-married to Elizabeth during recess. 
Point being: White stuff was never really meant to stay white.

I tend to treat white denim as a kind of blank canvas that’s supposed to be painted. The more specks they get, the better. In fact, I want them to be pretty disgusting when it’s all said and done. Am I going to try to remove stains? No. Am I even going to try to prevent them in the first place? Probably not. The dingier they get, the more character they’ve got. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going rub myself down with sod or intentionally dump a cup of coffee on them. But life happens.
Yes, if they start to smell bad, I’ll wash them, relax.
Yes, you can wear them after Labor Day. The guy who said you couldn’t was a Communist, and he didn’t even own anything white.

Also, Indys in the summertime is okay, too. Maybe I should be wearing Vans or Tretorns, but I can’t take these things off. 

On Cameron: “The Paulie” chambray shirt by Baldwin Denim; tri-blend tank top by American Apparel; double O-ring belt by Narragansett Leathers; “The Henley” in white by Baldwin Denim; Indy boots by Alden; “Preston” eyeglasses by Warby Parker; submariner watch by Military Watch Co.

Photography by Jarred Donalson
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