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Winter Dresscode

December 16, 2014

My grey overcoat is back and sticking around for my winter wardrobe.  I swapped out my spotted kicks for something more comfy and casual, along with layering a down vest under my wool overcoat. This vest was one of my better investments because it’s so damn warm and has multiple pockets, even a dorky pocket to hold a small book.

Zanerobe Sureshot JoggersGrey Sweatshirt

Zanerobe Sureshot Joggers | Grey Sweatshirts

Elastic waist weekends = the best weekends.





Nike Air Max 90

 I don’t even need to put my beloved SuperFeet arch supports in with these shoes. Endless comfort and support. Easy buy.



On Jeff: Vintage wool overcoat, black Canada Goose down vest, grey 3.1 Phillip Lim sweatshirt, black  Zanerobe Sureshot joggers, Nike Air Max 90 sneakers, American Apparel beanie, Warby Parker sunglasses.

American Apparel Beanie

Canada Goose Down Vest | American Apparel Beanie

I can’t speak to how warm Uniqlo vests are but I imagine this Canada Goose one takes the cake.


Wearing all neutrals and swapping out my kicks has proven to make my morning routine of getting dressed pretty seamless.

Moleskine Star Wars Notebook

November 29, 2014
Moleskine Star Wars Notebook

I found a new place to store my feelings.


Moleskine Star Wars Notebook Moleskine Star Wars Notebook 
  Moleskine Star Wars Notebook

Wish List to Shopping Cart

November 25, 2014

Time to make the move. I found a few favorites that are I’m currently debating on switching them from “Wish List” to “Shopping Cart” and pressing the button.


East Dane’s got an amazing sale going on right now, and if you’re a Prime user (which you are) you get the hook up on 2-Day Shipping.

East Dane Shopping Event

11 sneakers your feet would like to kick it with now

August 26, 2014

Whether you live on Flexington Avenue and you’re buried in Excel all day or you’re pulling clopening shifts and your Tumblr gets more attention than your iMessages, you’ve got some extra dough burning in your pocket and your feet could use some love. I know you do!

So, where are my coins going this month? Not on a big fat date or a weekend away. Fashion over function!!!!—ing in social settings, man! Behold, my almost reasonable list of sneakers that I’ve got my eye on instead of 2-for-1 apps and bullshit cocktails from a hip new bar with a subpar Tinder fling.



Above: Adidas Stan Smith Original silver sneakers
Details: This style is back and everywhere. Stand out with the matte metallic version. $$


Above: Balenciaga “Arena” sneakers
Details: These are rad. And expensive. Don’t pay rent this month. Buy these. $$$$


Above: Nike Air Max 90 Ice City sneaker
Spoiler alert: I already purchased these and have since been stopped several times. Last week a dude wanted to BUY THEM OFF MY FEET. I declined because tetanus. $$$

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.59.04 PM

Above: Camper low sneaker
Details: Also available in black, and very on sale. You know Camper is super comfy, right? $$

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.09.47 PM

Above: New Balance sneakers for mall walking
Details:  All the comfort, every comfort. $$

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