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NORTHERNGRADE: Chicago Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, NorthernGRADE is coming to Chicago. This edition of the legendary pop-up market will be produced by our friends over at Well Spent and Pierrepont Hicks, so if you’re in town you’ve really got no excuse for missing out on the festivities.
Having been to Minneapolis, the place where it all started, we saw firsthand what all the fuss is about and we can tell you thatย NorthernGRADE is one of the gems of the Midwest. You can expect beer, camaraderie, and damn fine American-made goods. But don’t believe what you’re reading here: take our word for it.ย 
When:ย Saturday, Oct. 27 (10am โ€“ 6pm)
Where:ย Open Secret Studios (401 N Racine Ave)
Who: Made-in-the-USA vendors!
  1. Penelope’sย (Sponsor) – Chicago, IL
  2. Haberdashย (Sponsor) – Chicago, IL
  3. Red Wingย - Red Wing, MN
  4. Tellasonย - San Francisco, CA
  5. Winter Sessionย ย - Chicago, IL
  6. Pierrepont Hicksย - Minneapolis, MN
  7. Oak St. Bootmakersย - Chicago, IL
  8. Independenceย - Chicago, IL
  9. Portland General Storeย โ€“ Portland, ME
  10. Field Notesย - Chicago, IL
  11. Archival Clothingย โ€“ Eugene, OR
  12. MidNorth Mercantileย - Minneapolis, MN
  13. Stormy Kromerย โ€“ Ironwood, MI
  14. Sir & Madameย - Chicago, IL
  15. Locally Grownย - Des Moines, IA
  16. Corter Leatherย โ€“ Boston, MA
  17. Inland Clothingย โ€“ Chicago, IL
  18. Heritageย Bicyclesย - Chicago, IL
  19. Driftย Eyewearย - Chicago, IL