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Hues For You: Navy

When I think about men’s wardrobes, I automatically think that the color navy is really boring. This is coming from the guy whose wardrobe is 70% navy, because I love it, even if it is boring. So I got to thinking, how can I wear navy in an interesting way? I realized its not so much how I wear it, but how the piece in question stands out in its own way. Navy pieces can definitely be interesting, classic and wearable, but the devil is in the details. What makes that piece interesting? Is it the texture (soft cashmere, lustrous linen, nappy tweed), is it the details (elbow patches, contrast stitching, graphic lines or elements), is it the fit (slim and tailored or drape-y and loose) or is it another element? So this, sirs, is what I challenge both you and myself with when it comes to buying/wearing Navy or other neutrals.

So when I challenged myself with attention to detail, I couldn’t help but notice all of this great navy in menswear accessories. navy

So, starting from bottom left and moving our way upward; here’s the round up.

1. Saturdays Surf does it again with this Jeremiah CPO Jacket. Traditionally, the CPO (chief petty officer’s) jacket was worn in the U.S. Navy. This wool version has what I’m looking for: texture, details (hidden side seam pockets) and fit. This is a great layering piece, whether throwing on as a jacket on cooler days or under your winter coat for added warmth. 

2. I’m a sucker for henleys. This Saturdays Surf Nolan henley meets my criteria of texture (jersey knit, oh so soft) and detail with the contrast ribbed neckline.

3. Navy. Now theres a color I don’t see often in eyeglasses, but thanks to Warby Parker, I do now. The Baxter in navy is a great and subtle hint of style, while being classic and wearable as well as affordable at just $95  a pair.

4. I’m one of those guys who likes his hair to look nice, but who hates to deal with it. Solution: baseball cap. This Todd SnyderXChampion  baseball hat is the answer. Made in the U.S., this hat is the perfect coverup for my Sunday morning bed head.

5. If you haven’t heard of Shinola by now, you should. Shinola is a Detroit based watch/leather/accessories based company that is combining the heritage of American craftmanship with art. You can find hand made watches, footballs, bicycles, journals and other accessories. I’m particularly fond of this leather envelope for my MacBook, which would wear greatly over time.

6. Topman sells this really great brand of shoe, House Of Hounds, that has this really great English sensibility. Mixed with my love for England and my love for loafers, these Navy Tassle Loafers caught my eye. These suede loafers mix my love of textiles with my love for line and graphic elements with the clean line on the upper of the shoe. I would wear these with a light wash denim, white oxford and a great shawl collar cardigan.

How do you like to wear navy?

***disclaimer-this post is a little old, but I hope you enjoy!



A few weeks ago, we got a call from London. The remarkable folks at Orlebar Brown wanted to know if we’d be interested in combining our powers. They’re traversing the world, showcasing 24 takes on their clothing in as many days. We’ll include a preview of our picks here, but you’ll have to check out their site for the full scoop.

Here’s to sunnier days.


For Him:  The Dudley in Ecru Melange.

I’d pick this for my twin brother, John. He and his wife just had their first baby, and their lives are hectic. Besides being a dad, John is also a student on the go. The Dudley would be great whether he needs to dress quickly to get to school on time or, if he wants to layer it over a button down for a date night. Either way, he’ll look sharp.

For Her: The Sanremo Toweling Dress in Navy.

This pick was easy. I saw this and thought of my sister, Amanda. She lives on the East Coast and gets to the beach not only there but also in Florida during some of her husband’s assignments. This happens to be a perfect piece for layering, but—if you want to know the rest of the story, head over to Orlebar Brown.


And in the meantime, catch up with Orlebar Brown on Instagram + Facebook Twitter.



If this all counts as coal, then I’m game for being bad.

In honor of the Christmas season, I present to you an insanely expensive wish list.



Left to right:

  • I mean, why not introduce a pair of polka dot Alexander McQueen trousers into your wardrobe?
  • This Ami slim-fit wool tuxedo blazer is incredible. I mean I can’t afford it, but hey, a guy can dream.
  • This striped wool sweater from Todd Snyder is probably the best sweater I’ve seen all season. I really love the graphic elements—not to mention how timeless it is.
  • I’ve never heard of Lot 78 before but I was scouring MR. PORTER and fell in love with this bomber jacket. It’s a blended tweed, which creates a great texture. I would definitely wear it over a black trouser and tie combo or over a pair of these slim sweats to run to the store.
  • Who doesn’t want a Lanvin silk/velvet bow tie?
  • Again, I’m all about this Timex watch. I would love it even more if it were all black, but this is pretty sexy.
  • Finally, I’ve been trolling Zara for these shoes in my size. I knew I needed them the moment I saw them, but of course they sold out of my size 13. I even measured my foot to see if I could stick it in a 12. No luck.

How are you going to wear your favorite black item?


Hues For You: Garnet

The gemstone Garnet can be found in many colors: yellow, green, purple, blue and black—but most widely known is the red Garnet. Characterized by its deep scarlet color, it’s been a jewelry mainstay since the Bronze Age.

Now that we have the history out of the way, I can talk about why Garnet is this month’s hue. I remember last fall seeing just a hint of dark red floating around the style sphere. However, I did not see much, and it seemed to be almost more of a purple than a red.  So I crossed my fingers and waited patiently for this fall, and what do you know: Garnet is everywhere. Needless to say, I bought it up. We’re talking watch bands, merino sweaters, socks and yes, even cereal bowls.

Now, lets talk #menswear. By now you’re probably catching on to some of my favorite labels. Here’s some more fodder.


1. Baldwin does it again. At this point, you’re probably familiar with this staple. It’s just a really fine hat. Go say hi to Cameron or David and pick one up.

2. Saturdays Surf NYC has created the perfect chunky sweater: The Keith Cable Knit Sweater. Grab your rubber boots, ‘cuz we’re going fishing (on a boat, in Ireland). I think the cable knit sweater is an iconic piece that’s great for the wardrobe; the key is getting one that’s chunky but not too chunky. You want the sweater to look chunky, not you.

3. This is a bit of a new idea for me, since I’ve never owned a pair of corduroys, especially red ones. But if I’m going to be breaking boundaries, I might as well do it with the help of Ovadia & Sons—one of my favorite new designers. I think these could be pulled of with the right cardigan, a nice oxford, and a pair of double monks.

4. Add this little J.Crew pocket square for a bit of color and flair to your favorite suit jacket. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

5. This one’s for any guy ever: super easy jacket, great for a muted color without being in your face about it. You can snatch it up at Top Man. Attention: They’ve got a student discount, too!

What colors are you guys into this season?


FALL UNIFORM: Tweed, Wool, Suede

I know this is cliche, but it has to be said: Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the prospect of going to the Louisburg Cider Mill in Kansas, drinking chai lattes on an outdoor patio, fire pits glowing with warmth, crunchy leaves underfoot, and so much turkey at Thanksgiving that you either want to cry, die or lie down.

As a reader of this site, I always loved the “uniform” posts, so here’s mine. Disclaimer: It’s pretty much all J.Crew, but hey, it’s my thing at the moment.


Last year, J.Crew came out with a slub-merino elbow patch sweater, which was so popular that they brought it back this year. HURRAH. For those of you who don’t know, slub merino is a type of yarn that is unevenly twisted to create an irregular, bumpy texture. This makes the sweater not only super warm, but kind of chunky and really easy to wear. For that academic vibe, it’s also decked out with brown, suede, elbow patches. Along with this, I’ve been wearing my “Essential” 484 chinos, light-wash chambray shirt, camo socks (never thought I’d say that), gray suede bucks, and my Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff.

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