Friday Wrap-up: June 10th

June 10, 2011

Earlier this week, Cam and I did a photoshoot with Scout Photo (@scoutphoto) in Kansas City. Here’s a snippet of what’s to come in the coming weeks of some of our fresh summer looks.

Gerard (@gerard_brown), husband of Concrete Catwalk, and Cam strollin’ down Brookside Boulevard in Kansas City. Photography by Nick Welch of Scout Photo.

Also, we have 776 followers on Twitter. Let’s go ahead and bump that up to 800, shall we?

Moving on to our FRIDAY WRAP-UP:

We love our friends. They’re doing great things. We particularly love our friends in the Midwest who are in the middle of some exciting stuff we’d like to mention:

What about gentlemen in the Midwest, you say? Let’s check in with our good friends at Baldwin Denim…
Back to some more previews of next week.
Everyone loves a crotch shot, right?
Well, how about three.
But really.
What’s the purpose of a crotch shot in menswear style blogging?
The purpose of a crotch shot is to show the intersection of the various patterns, textures, prints and styles colliding at a central point.
FACT: That central point is usually the crotch.

Have a crotchtastic weekend, y’all. We are.

Photography by Nick Welch of Scout Photo.

Thrifty Thursday: Rackin’ it

June 9, 2011
Editor’s Public Service Announcement: Just in case you didn’t see Twitter or Facebook earlier this week, we did (finally) pick winners for the bow-tie challenge. Thanks for the reminders, questions and general cleverness about our tardiness. It would appear the interns really dropped the ball on this one. (We gave them one job—one job…). In any event, the lucky two were:
  • Drew Jones Art
  • mah5160

Congrats to the winners, and to the rest of you: Be sure and enter next time. We think the interns have learned their lesson. If pulling outhouse duty doesn’t teach them, I don’t know what will.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming:
There are a few places you’re sure to find things cheap. Wal-Mart. McDonald’s. On the apparel side of things, you’ll get anything you find in a dumpster for free, garage sales almost always guarantee low prices, and thrift stores are nice for weakening the blow to your finances. But then there are times you’re itching for something new, something that hasn’t been washed and loved on by somebody else, something with price tags still attached—but price tags with small numbers on them. Enter Nordstrom Rack.
You see, there is no Nordstrom Rack in Kansas City (yet), so I had not encountered one until our recent wedding field trip to St. Louis. I’m not much of a planner, and I’m even less of a packer, so when time came to put together a bag to take to the Lou, I threw some underwear and toiletries in my Wanderer and grabbed some hanging shirts out of my closet in an effort to use as little energy as possible. And then I set off, without too many wedding appropriate items in tow. “I’ll buy some in St. Louis,” I thought. As you may have guessed, I’m also a procrastinator, so at about seven in the evening on the eve of the wedding day, I set out to find some shoes and some neckwear. Nordstrom Rack would have a moderately priced selection of both, I was told.
Granted, Nordstrom stocks a lot of things that I consider unwearable, for whatever reason. But, at the same time, the Rack had a nice array of Clarks, Top-Siders, and Florsheims, all at about half off. The tie collection was just as appealing and twice as cheap. I walked away with a pair of black suede Clarks desert boots for $50 and a $15 Rooster polka dot bow tie. Two items that will get a lot of wear. Two items that I avoided paying full price for. I think this is called winning.

Bow tie (Nordstrom Rack, $15) by Rooster; cotton oxford (thrifted, $3) by Arrow, medium; slim cotton chinos (Urban Outfitters, sale $10) by Dockers, size 31; leather belt (stolen from my father—thanks, dad); suede desert boots (Nordstrom Rack, $50) by Clarks, size 10.

Photography by Jarred Donalson.

midweSTYLE: St. Louis (Part One)

June 8, 2011
You know that feeling of joy when you are reunited with best friends who always greet with you a warm, bear-like slap on the back followed by a quick rub to diffuse the gentle sting? That’s how I feel when the Midwestyle reunites.

We got together in St. Louis for our good man Patrick’s wedding. If you’re from Missouri or have Missouri friends, you know Kansas City hates St. Louis. And that St. Louis hates Kansas City right back. Or maybe it’s just our friends have this thing with their hometown pride.
Either way, Patrick, a Kansas City boy, met Emmy, a St. Louis girl, and forged peace between the Montagues and Capulets of KC-STL—at least for the time being. Naturally, we brought our favorite Kansas City goods with us to this wretched great city!
Actually, we just found all of these belongings in our car. Let’s be honest: You need to take some hometown swag with you wherever you go. We chose Boulevard Pale Ale, KC Baldwin hat and a throwback “Wizards” jersey.

But really “St. Louis” people, do you actually live in St. Louis? Nope, you live in Chesterfield, West County or Kirkwood. We, on the other hand, actually have mailing addresses that say “Kansas City” not “Lee’s Summit” or “Overland Park.” Represent.

The Three Madras Amigos showing our St. Louis denizens how we feel. Everyone loves a meaningless, mildly offensive middle-school gesture.

Noteworthy details: My no-break chinos and “Lexington” wingtips by Florsheim.

Noteworthy detail: Seth’s thrifted woven and stitched loafers by Giorgio Brutini.
Noteworthy detail: The “KC” welt and felt hat by Baldwin Denim.
On Cameron: pink, fuchsia and orange madras shirt (thrifted at Wild Man Vintage, $7) by Royal Knight, medium; grey slim-fit trouser shorts (Urban Outfitters, $40) by BDG, size 31; “KC” baseball cap (Standard Style, $42) by Baldwin Denim, size large; well-loved and worn “Authentics” (online, $40) by Vans, size 10; throwaway aviators from Urban Outfitters ($10).

On Jeff: Grey slim-fit “Davis” chino (retail, $50) by Club Monaco, size 28×32; brown leather belt with brass detailing (sale, $4.99) by J.Crew, size 30; blue-and-green large-check madras shirt (sale, $29.99) by J.Crew; “Lexington” wingtips without laces (Nordstrom Rack, $50) by Florsheim, size 11; knock-off “Clubmaster” sunglasses (Seek Vintage, $12).

On Seth: Blue and violet plaid button-down (swiped from Cam); “Corporal” chinos courtesy of J Brand, size 30; woven and stitched tassel loafers (thrifted, $6) by Giorgio Brutini.
Photography by Jarred Donalson.

Cicada Population Control Officer Seth

June 6, 2011
Seth will do anything once.
Seth will do anything once for money.
Seth will do anything once for money that doesn’t land him in jail.
Seth will do anything once for money that involves ingesting something.
After a hours on end of driving my ass around during one of our increasingly frequent Mo.-Kan.-Ill. roadtrips (which he wouldn’t have to do if I just learned how to drive a stick), we sought refuge at the Stipo compound in St. Louis. After lounging in the pool to one of the best party playlists ever, it became clear that Missouri has a cicada problem. A wager was mentioned. Seth ate one.
For how much? Emily and Katie threw out $15 and the lie promise of “We’ll buy you a meal when we come visit Chicago.” Seth accepted the lie offer and slammed a cicada.

TRAVEL: Midwest weddings, shenannigans and reporting

June 4, 2011

We’ve been a little busy lately, thus why we’ve haven’t posted as much.

  • We all went to our dear friend Patrick’s wedding in St. Louis.
  • Seth is from Joplin and went down to do some long-term reporting about the tornado, clean up and see family. His family is safe, but the town is reeling—thanks for your prayers and donations.
  • Jeff has had weddings each weekend and bachelor parties to plan. Someone has to make sure the Knob Creek is safe for everyone to drink and the dance floor is prepped for krumping, Dougin’ and the Bernie.
  • Cameron finished finals at Mizzou and has been getting kicked out of medical trials, thus remaining a rejected test dummy for medical studies. But he’s doing well sans needles and mysterious pills for the sake of fat cash.
See you after the weekend with plenty of photographs, stories and posts to come. Enjoy your weekend.
But really, what have you been up to this week/end?

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