Where The Hell Have We Been?

October 2, 2013
Do you remember when Hanson went off the grid for like a decade? But when they came back they looked like men, had wives and started their own brewing company?


Well that wasn’t the case for us, but we’re pretty inspired by what the Hanson brothers have done, regardless. When we for-real fall of the grid again one day (like next month), we’ll hopefully pop back up with a lake house, a superfluous automobiles and everything else that gets the Tumblrs tumblin’.


Until then like any “no-please-don’t” sequel, we’ll hop back on the horse and sally forth. And much like a sequel—or worse, a prequel— we’ve refocused our direction, and we’ve even got a few new faces in the cast of characters, whom we’ll introduce in the coming days. Let’s hope we last longer than the Fast & Furious series. Stay tuned!


In the meantime, allow us to reintroduce ourselves.


Jeffrey hopped states again and transplanted his way to New York, last we heard. He wound up in advertising, writing and creating for The Man, and now works on Park Avenue in a big building marketing things you need to be happy. Hooray commercialization!

He’s been on a blazer kick and has avoided wearing denim lately. But don’t worry—he still holds his grudge against cream khakis from his steadfast high school days at Best Buy.  He now opts for avocado toast over donuts. He’s also planning on running another marathon this year. X3, baby!




Cam spent the better part of the past year studying for the last of his collegiate exams, drinking High Life (champagne of beers, y’all), and not shaving. Now a loud and proud graduate of the University of Missouri, Cameron passes his days in Kansas City, working for a clothing brand and eating too much Mexican food.

His wardrobe has slowly evolved into a grayscale collection of American-made basics: tees, sweatshirts, and button-downs. He retains his affection for “heritage’ heavy-weight denim, and Red Wings, but sneakers and technical outerwear are never out of reach. Old school meets new school…or something like that.



Seth has been gallivanting across the east and southwest U.S. and starting more side projects than he can reasonably manage. Continuing to hold down the fort in Chicago, he’s still writing for magazines and has recently begun coaching high school soccer.

Much like his drinking habits, Seth’s wardrobe is completely governed by the whims of Chicago’s increasingly unpredictable weather. Now that fall is around the corner, he’s more than likely clad in navy—in the form of heavy denim (ugh, so much denim!) and thick fishermen sweaters. In other seasons, however, he has taken a page from Jeff and embraced loud colors and short shorts.

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