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October 3, 2013

We’re proud to announce a few things today.

One being that we posted two days in row on this glorious week in 2013. And the other in that we are bringing on not one, not two, not three, but count ‘em FOUR new dudes on board. We’re stoked to announce one of the first guys: Jonathan O’Reilly.

Jonathan is a denizen of our beloved Northland in Kansas City, and he’s an all-around stand-up guy who’s actually got his ducks in a row. He is first and foremost a husband and a new dad. Everything else he does sort of pales in comparison.

However, if you were to get a sneak peak into his week, it could include: absorbing anything Bill Simmons writes, podcasts, or tweets; listening to and creating mad Spotify lists (but going private when listening to Miley); trying to be active and stuff, but failing mostly; and also hoping to one day live in a city that houses an NBA squad (looking at you Sprint Center!)

So, all of our posts that justify buying things that are oh-so-damn expensive and precious that we’ll probably, definitely, maybe pass them down to our kids are meaningless now that there’s a real dad here. We’ll still try to make those justifications. We’re excited to have you, Jonathan! Welcome.


I say a word, you tell me what comes to mind: Pregnant.

Depending on what your angle is, it’s a word that can conjure a host of emotions. I realize given the context of this site, this may seem a little “off-topic” but just relax, pop a brew, and keep reading. If you’re like me, and I know there are a few honest ones out there, I experienced a couple initial reactions when my wife broke the news that we would be expecting our first little bun in the oven. The first being a sense of, “Well, I guess they were right: s + e = x.”

And the second: “So, does this mean I get to buy a new bag, you know, like my own bag for diapers and whatever else you’re supposed to throw in there?” Needless to say, my wife was less than amused, but not at all surprised. Outside of a few dude diaper bag sites, I found the market for dads who want a sharp looking diaper bag to be pretty slim. So, though there are few of us, we’ll stand united.

I found three great options in a number of price points. Here were my requirements:

  • Pockets (‘Cause, you know, more pockets are better than less pockets.)
  • Durable (‘Cause, well, you might need it for more than one little minion.)
  • Versatile (‘Cause, you know, you may have to use that excuse with the missus: “I can use it as a gym bag and stuff…”)
  • And, of course, it has to look sharp (But, you know this; otherwise you wouldn’t be here.)

Splurge buy: $100 & above (top row left to right)

  • *Lifestyle bag ($174) by SoYoung from Amazon, “Edmund” backpack ($298) by Sandqvst from Need Supply and Gamebag messenger ($285) by Filson.

Budget buy: $100 & under (bottom row left to right)

  • Walton Weekender ($99) by Herschel from Zappos, Snap backpack ($65) by Everlane and “Abingdon” waxed cotton-canvas and leather messenger bag ($98) by J.Crew.

Oh by the way, if you’re reading this because you and your significant other are expecting, a congrats is in order.
It will change your life for the better. Just remember: You’ll get to sleep again…someday.

*But this is actually a diaper bag.

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