FALL UNIFORM: Tweed, Wool, Suede

I know this is cliche, but it has to be said: Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the prospect of going to the Louisburg Cider Mill in Kansas, drinking chai lattes on an outdoor patio, fire pits glowing with warmth, crunchy leaves underfoot, and so much turkey at Thanksgiving that you either want to cry, die or lie down.

As a reader of this site, I always loved the “uniform” posts, so here’s mine. Disclaimer: It’s pretty much all J.Crew, but hey, it’s my thing at the moment.


Last year, J.Crew came out with a slub-merino elbow patch sweater, which was so popular that they brought it back this year. HURRAH. For those of you who don’t know, slub merino is a type of yarn that is unevenly twisted to create an irregular, bumpy texture. This makes the sweater not only super warm, but kind of chunky and really easy to wear. For that academic vibe, it’s also decked out with brown, suede, elbow patches. Along with this, I’ve been wearing my “Essential” 484 chinos, light-wash chambray shirt, camo socks (never thought I’d say that), gray suede bucks, and my Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff.


To dress this look up and make it wearable for outdoors, I added an Abraham Moon & Sons for J.Crew herringbone tweed blazer and lambswool, waffle-print scarf. If you see someone walking around with turned-up collar and tucked-in scarf to better brave the elements, that’s me.


The second outfit I have been wearing really consists of summer left-overs. Here again the light-wash chambray shirt comes in handy, with a silk-linen glen plaid blazer (that kind of looks like it belongs in your grandpa’s closet), slim-straight resin-wash denim and Clark’s desert boots. Whats great about this blazer is that it is a summer-weight blazer that easily transitions into fall thanks to its coloring.


I try to dress intentionally, so that all of my details are cohesive. I’ve been wearing pins on lapels of coats and blazers since high school and always pick some up at the Dusty Bookshelf when I’m in Lawrence or Manhattan, Kan. The brown in  this particular pin happens to match the brown in the blazer, and the diamond motif in it which corresponds with the diamonds on my pocket square.

So, there they are: My two fall uniforms. What do you guys find yourselves returning to this season?


P.S. A huge round of applause and thanks to my amazing photographer friend, Amy Guerreri for making me look somewhat presentable. You rock.

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