December 12, 2012

These murdered-out Roshe Run Trails ($85) by Nike. I only really want these because I run a ton of trails, guys. Actually, it’s because they’re affordable steez for when I don’t feel like lacing up some heavy-ass, 8-inch Red Wings this winter. Sometimes leather just isn’t what I want, ya feel?

This Swiss chronograph ($220) by MWC. The best watches are Swiss watches. And chronographs always look awesome (read: confusing). Don’t ever say something like, “If they wanted a watch to have a ton of functions why didn’t they just make it digital?” Hodinkee will put a hit on you, dog.

These fingerless gloves ($25) by Palmer Trading Co. Hey, that crop of people who’s always jawin’ at those of us who like fingerless gloves, complaining about how they don’t keep your hands warm – shut up. We didn’t ask you (but seriously, thanks for looking out for us—I don’t need to catch a cold during finals week, you’re right, mom).

This fisherman’s sweater ($109) by Orvis. Aside from being the title of one hilarious movie and one really, really awful movie, black sheep are on their hustle just growing out their hair for wool production out in the British Isles, straight grinding away for the greater good. Throw the black sheep some love this Christmas and support their work, ’tis the season.

This bottle of Templeton Rye ($37). Because something’s got to keep you warm this winter.

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  • Tucker

    +1 For Templeton Rye. As an Iowan, I wholeheartedly approve.

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