GIVEAWAY: Coach + The Sartorialist Tote

October 18, 2012

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These giveaways just keep coming, eh? And there are even more on the way.

A household name for decades, Coach wanted to reward you guys, our readers, with a new bag as midterms end, new jobs begin and the seasons change. We leapt at the chance, of course. Earlier this year, Coach teamed up with The Sartorialist, who did his usual good work photographing stylish urbanites carrying Coach’s latest Legacy Series collection. Have a look:

The Bleecker Legacy Utility Tote, photo by the Sartorialist for Coach

  • What you’ll get: The tote pictured above.
  • Contest starts: Now, October 18, 2012.
  • Contest closes: Sunday, October 21, 2012 — at 11:59:59 p.m.
  • Announce winner: Monday, October 22, 2012


We’ve been fans of Coach for quite some time, and we know firsthand just how well their product holds up over time. Here’s Jeff’s recently acquired Coach backpack:

And Seth’s Legacy Field Bag has become an instant favorite:

Hell, it only gets better as the leather ages and softens, as you can see from the vintage Coach finds we’ve stumbled across. What are you waiting for? Let’s hear it!

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  • Daniel

    I’ve had the same tan cotton Urban Outfitters bag for over four years. It’s the only tote I’ve ever owned, and it’s borne me through two college degrees on two continents and countless sessions of tutoring and substitute teaching. But it wears its character all over: irremediable stains on all sides in all shades. The shoulder strap and seam edges are hopelessly frayed. I would love to have a new bag to return to grad school with next year, but to get there I’ve got to save money for applications. I’m a style-conscious guy, and with your help I’d like to embark on the next chapter boldly, carrying my life with confidence.

  • Unknown

    Because that’s a beautiful bag, and I just set my current tote down on a used piece of gum..

  • CampyRed

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • DaveDunmyre

    My father passed down his old Mullholland brief case to me to use. It is a wonderful bag, but he misses it. And, being the man he is, he would never ask for it back. I would like to give back to him, but that would leave me bag less. Plus I’ve been looking for a new tote to carry instead of a briefcase. Thanks,

  • Angie Ohman

    Coach bags really do last forever! I’ve had a small black leather purse that I found secondhand that I love, but the tote will hold a lot more! I’ve had a couple less-than-stellar totes in the past.. each broke a handle at some point. This coach one would never have to be replaced.

  • CampyRed

    Well, since I’ve been deemed unfit to lead the group of engineers I work with (EMBA be damned), I might as well crush them with my style.

  • Pt/Th

    Because my girl tells me I’m too old to still be toting a common nylon backpack, in bright red, no less (in use since high school… *sheepish grin*) as my daily bag. Though I assure you my outfits are in better taste. Time to let go and grow up a little.


  • Mango

    Because I was just thinking this morning how the autumn chill in the air makes me want to dress more grown-up (but bad-arse). And that bag is bad-arse grown-up.

  • Kevin C. Smith

    Because I’m riding my bike more and my messenger bag keeps throwing me off balance. And that bag is badass.

  • Zachary Wenner

    My tote is an old thrifted L.L. bean canvas tote with an other person’s initials tackily embroidered on. I need to up my bag game with this so I can carry my books to class in style.

  • Elliott

    Current bag: Free from trade show. Why I need to ditch it: Free from trade show. Seriously, there shouldn’t be more of a reason to upgrade unless my free bag was made from rich suede with glove tanned leather trim.

  • Vonnie

    While I’d love it for myself, I’m writing on behalf of my struggling to be stylish husband. He’s finally gotten into trendy dressing for work, nice suits and details – and yet my husband’s bag is a raggedy gray nylon laptop/briefcase combo. It doesn’t go with his new look and this bag would really do him well :).

  • Eric Heininger

    I am looking for a new job, and I bought my current bag for $25 and it has a ranch dressing stain on it. Please help me.

  • Bryan Woita

    “Why you need to ditch your current bag and update to this beauty?”

    My old bag is canvas that has gotten all nasty, but that Coach beauty will only get better with age.

  • Nick Angiolillo

    Because my canvas tote is filthy and not suited for the fall at all.

  • Richard

    I’m a young(ish), burgeoning(ish), midwestern(ish) (Pittsburgh!) lawyer, but I carry my stuff around in a beat-up old Kenneth Cole Reaction satchel. It’s not pretty. This bag, well, it would be a decided improvement. (There’s also a high probability my wife would steal it from me, which would certainly make her happy…)

  • West Jeff Lawyer

    I bought a carry-on sized weekender bag at the airport before my honeymoon, it was green canvas with leather trim, and rather nice looking for the $24.99 I paid for it. It lasted through many a trip to Chicago, Canada, and various other places. Unfortunately, on a recent trip to Dallas to perform as a groomsman, I found the leather bottom has separated from the canvas. This has left me looking for a new weekender option. I was looking for a Mason style bag, but this option looks oh, so much better. Although I fly economy, this bag says all first class.

  • Jacob [Defense Attorney]

    Some of my most prized possessions are family heirlooms, including a coat and a tie clip from my grandfather. I’m young and want to own and use a bag I can pass down to my kids in a number of decades–and enjoy myself in the meantime!

  • I adhoc

    Because I am frequently seen with a camera and would look just as cool with this bag, if not cooler, than the dude in the picture.

  • Adam Pfeifer

    “Why you need to ditch your current bag and update to this beauty?”

    I’ve spent the last two years finding and expanding my personal style. Thankfully, working in menswear has afforded me numerous opportunities to upgrade my essential pieces and to jump on trends as well. I’ve always sprung for quality over quantity and, unfortunately, the one piece that has eluded my wallet and grasp has been a great bag. Riding to work with a backpack you’ve had for several years doesn’t make you feel like you’re the Sartorialist’s next shot in the making, even if the rest of your outfit is pristine. To really set yourself apart you have to have all the finishing touches. This bag is my last one. This bag changes how I go to work, how I go to class, and how I walk down the street. This bag changes the way people see me and the way I see myself.

  • Dre Wright

    “Why you need to ditch your current bag and update to this beauty?”

    I need to ditch my current bag and update to this because this is my last semester at the University of Missouri. As I am finishing up my Textile and Apparel Management degree I am having many interviews and I am soon to be in the professional world. Sure on a regular school day a Jansport backpack may be fine, but a backpack just doesn’t fit my attire on the many days where I have to be business casual or interview, nor would it be appropriate once I am working in my field. As I grow older I realize that I need long lasting items that are of quality and style, classic, and can transition between work and recreation and this is just what this bag does.

  • David Chou

    I’ve been using the same beat up timbuk2 bag for the past 4 years of college. With medical school interviews coming up, having a bag like this would help me look like a young professional, instead of a regular ol’ college student.

  • Amanda

    Because my boyfriend needs to PUT DOWN THE BACKPACK from his college days!!

  • D.G.

    I want something that garners the respect that I deserve. That bag is it.

  • Jack

    Nice to see all your readers come out of the woodwork. Like other submissions, I’ll be graduating from college soon and my spavined backpack won’t do. (Plus, I used the word ‘spavined’ in my post).

  • Chris Aitken

    “Why you need to ditch your current bag and update to this beauty?”

    I have just recently started to really take care in how I dress and present my self. Gone our all of my old poorly fitting ( and made) clothes as new items replace them. One of the only things that has managed to stick with me is my cookie cutter black computer bag. I am not sure why I haven’t changed it (not out of love of the bag that is for sure) but yet it remains. Please help me rid myself of this eyesore. At this point a grocery bag may look better.

  • Bryan Bristol

    Finally have my big boy job and still carrying around this ratchet canvass bag! Really need some style in my life and for that one nice piece to start off my big kid style journey. Since I live in Farmville, VA, I will definitely be choosing fashion over love. Cue in Fergie song! Plus I work in education so if you subtract my disposable income from my measly paycheck divided by the amount of time it would take me to get a Coach bag = infinity, plus I’m not great at math! Please choose me!

  • Matt Pothecary

    Becasue I’m still using my ripped backpack from high school.

  • John Minton

    While my Bailey Works messenger bag is totally kickass, it’s not exactly helping me convince employers that I’m their next great copywriter when I roll into interviews with it. This tote would totally help me step up my game.

  • timothy86

    I have unfortunately had the same bag since highschool And while i have built up my wardrobe I am seriously lacking in the bag department. I have just started nursing school is part of a larger medical and biomedical campus, so it is a pretty professional environment around here. It would be nice to be able to present myself as a professional. Also I am not sure how much longer my bag will be able to hold all of my books. Do you know how many books one has as a nursing student? Well, it is a whole heap of books. Not to mention nursing school is pretty much a full time job and while i do enjoy it, i can barely work. So i think this bag would be amazing in many aspects, and lets be awesome, this bag is dope as all can be.

  • Matt

    I’m three months away from becoming a father, so I need to start accessorizing like a “real” adult. My current Timbuk2 messenger has served me well, but I want Junior to think his dad is a snazzy dresser.

  • Kamal Effendi

    Because I’ve never earned a coach bag :'(

  • Think Twice Style

    I love vintage Coach bags! The leather, like any good quality leather, looks and feels better over time. As a teacher, I need a sturdy bag that can look good at School Board meetings as well as set next to me in the cafeteria. I also love a bag that has mixed materials and shades. That makes it that much easier to use everyday, since it goes with anything I wear.

  • Zachary

    My current bag is a Jack Spade I got second hand on eBay, because I can’t yet afford a new one. I love how clean this tote is, and it would make an instant improvement to my appearance and style!

  • Richard Nguyen

    I need to ditch my current bag because it’s canvas! Being a business major, I think this would greatly improve and pull together the business look/vibe that I’m going for. I need a bag that can look good in class and for potential job interviews for companies and I think this bag will do just the trick!

  • Casey

    I bought the cheapest black laptop bag I could find at an office supply store at the last minute for a job interview three and a half years ago. I ended up getting the job, but I’m still using that same laptop bag every single day. It doesn’t exactly ‘go’ with my business attire, and the worst part is I never carry a laptop! I could really use an upgrade that won’t break my bank account.

  • bologna12

    I don’t really have a tote that I like. I have backpacks but nothing that I can carry stuff in when I don’t want to have it strapped to my back. I think this coach bag will last me forever and only get better with age.

  • emcSquared

    Because my current work “bag”, while very cool to me, is a royal blue Esprit tote with ’87 plastered all over it. Literally. The “87” is screen printed in yellow with other cool totems from the eighties. Love! However, it’s not screaming young-hip-professional who has her life together. Hah! Thanks for the chance!
    em9488 at gmail dot com

  • Jamie

    My husband’s current bag is a nondescript blue/gray/black backpack purchased for the price of free because someone left it behind at the theater. It has too many pockets to be practical and absolutely NO personality!

  • Chelsey Hancock

    I’d make my husband switch bags! His current bag has just been through too much and was not properly constructed, and it would be such a delightful surprise if I won this for him!

  • cameronwiley

    After a year of living in the “Midwest” of Korea, walking, cabbing and public transportation-ing everywhere I go has done a number on the 3 backpacks I’ve gone through in my time here. A nice bag like this would let me keep my books, papers to grade, and iPad orderly without having to worry about everything falling to the bottom and getting crushed. And there would still be room for a bottle of wine to bring home to my wife!

  • Jeff Doubek

    Need a classic bag to find new clients. Coach is that and more. Besides that bag is hot!

  • Anna Ward

    My current bag still screams graduate student and I need a bag that says Professor. Wouldn’t you want your professor to pull the midterms out of this bag? Besides, you need women like myself to rock menswear in order to keep the menfolk on their game.

  • lederle.b

    There are certain periods in a man’s life that he has to change his methods and modes if style. I am in one of these periods after finishing my undergrad studies in Indianapolis this past May. Gone are the days where I could simply throw my trinity (keys, wallet and phone) into a tethered gym bag along with my notes and head to classes. Postgrad style is about evolving and getting this bag will help give me jump start on developing my style as I continue into my twenties and beyond. It’ll provide a better method of transporting my daily work items and serve as an extremely useful travel tote (something I am seriously lacking). It’ll provide a better mode of expression and style, too. Lastly, it’s timeless. I’ll be able to use it for decades and be able to pass the tote on to one of my sons or nephews in future.

  • Unknown

    I have carried a modern, casual backpack for long enough and looking to show off this beautiful utility tote. It’s about time I grew up.

  • John Monaghan

    I fooled myself into thinking that the JCrew canvas and bonded leather bag would hold up for more than a year. Time to step up to a bag of heirloom quality.

  • Zach and Sara Allen

    I recently moved from my small college town in Idaho to NYC. The backpack, although a cool one, just isn’t cutting it in the city and workplace.

  • mykhyntz

    Because I actually just got a promotion for my position, and as accessories tend to say more about a person that anything, it’s a great mix of saying I take this acheivement seriously from a functional perspective and yet still maintain my somewhat casual, classic sense.

    Plus, it would be a great way to congratulate one of your avid readers!


    • mykhyntz

      PS fellow Midwesterner via Ohio

  • radmilamila

    wow this is a great giveaway! i never owned coach…. yet? this inderstated chic tote will make me sooo happy!

  • Dillon

    I’d love to update to the Bleecker Legacy Utility Tote because I am just finishing my undergraduate degree and am needing a professional looking bag for my Master of Sport Management program. I need to stray away from my hiking backpack and have a sophisticated tote bag.

    Ottawa/North Bay, Canada

  • Tonton

    I currently use a topman canvas tote bag for everything. Whether it be for school or traveling, I use the same tote. All this major usage is slowly killing my beloved bag. It’s already missing a button so it’s like winking at you all the time, bringing about some unwanted attention sometimes. I would love to upgrade to the Bleecker Legacy Utility Tote to add style to everything in my daily life.


  • c61d56e2-ad8a-11e0-ae0b-000bcdca4d7a

    I would actually give this bag to my dad! He’s been using the same one for years, and it’s looking more than a little worn. This would be a nice surprise for him!

  • 105892636564907366028

    While there’s certainly some worthy entries, I offer this: I’m a new dad. I have a daughter now and need to be able to carry about all the necessities involved in parenting. So, while it would mean that I’d have a nicer bag than most moms, a big plus behind this is that an item of this quality would most certainly be passed down to my daughter when the time comes. So, yeah, I guess I need a diaper bag mostly. However, I also ride my motorcycle most everyday to work and this bag would be the perfect companion to my commute. Lastly, I know you guys have some roots in KC and I’m a local guy who works for the city (PD). Hook a brother up! My job pays peanuts and there’s no way I could afford top-shelf gear without your help.

    Great site and thanks for your consideration!

    • 105892636564907366028

      Above is joshkrasovec at hotmail dot com (crossovick on facebook)

  • Brad Rice

    Bags change as we change. We shed oversized shirts for proper fitting, ratty jeans for wool slacks, and backpacks and canvas totes for something more lasting. That’s where I am right now: shedding just about everything, and while I don’t need a Coach tote, it’d be a great step in moving me into full-on adulthood.

  • lolo

    my boyfriend is currently using a nylon canvas messenger bag to haul all of his school things in. such a stylist gent should never been seen carrying something so standard and basic. his bag hardly meets his style standards. he’s been in search of the best bag out there and hasn’t been able to find anything that works. this bag….now this bag is dreamy. he’d be even more dreamy while strutting around campus and town with it.

  • MANDY83

    My fiance is still using a backpack to carry around his things. It’s really embarrassing and I would love for him to have a huge upgrade!

    I like both pages on FB as Amanda Sakovitz

    pokergrl8 at

  • Thomas Murphy

    I need to ditch my old bag because its a piece of junk and falling apart, this new bag is awesome!

  • S.I.S

    Because law school sucks (and means no cashflow for new gear) and a new bag sure would brighten up the dull library!

    samuelisaacsmith AT

  • whalewithay77

    I like to buy a new bag as almost a rite of passage for each new thing I’m about to do. Going to college: a Herschel-esque backpack from my college’s outlet. My first time visiting New York City (carry-on allowed only for this short trip): an oversized, dark-plaid duffel with rugged leather detailing. Starting my first internship in New York City: a bright-orange canvas/brown leather tote on the way-cheap side of things at Aldo. My latest, the orange tote, barely survived summer in the city with me; its straps are falling apart and the ish-quality leather is just not the greatest.

    I’m about to graduate and move back to New York in just a couple of short months. Sure, that orange tote grabs the attention due to its color, but I sometimes feel I’m carrying a hazard cone rather than a stylish hold-all…and one that’s falling apart, at that. I’m moving up in the career world; it’s time to move up in the accessories world with the Coach Legacy that can hold my metrocard, laptop, scarf (moving this winter!), notebooks, pens (I’m a writer), headphones, magazines, notes to self to remain sane.

    Midwestyle, I want this bag. I need this bag. Without it, it’s either me sticking to the hazard-cone bag or lugging around the duffel that looks like I’m carrying bricks or lumberjack tools–not the best look, nor a convenient size.

    Many thanks. – Justin

  • Amy

    I absolutely love bags; however, I don’t have the kind of money needed to invest in a really good quality bag like from Coach. Instead, I usually scour thrift stores and vintage stores. I have yet to find a real treasure, and so I’m stuck using cheaper bags that fall apart easily and don’t look anywhere near as beautiful as the gorgeous tote featured here. I would love to win this bag!

    I liked both on FB.

  • Adam J.

    The dog ate my homework, honest!

    I’m going to try and win the Coach tote – a total beaut – based on pity, mostly. Being stylish on a loan-riddled grad student budget can be easy if you know how to go about it: Goodwill is great, I could plow through Buffalo Exchange until the cows come home, and Salvation Army (scratch SA, you can’t shop there anymore because they’re bigots) – in any case, you know the drill.

    But sometimes there are things that just sing to me, and a leather backpack from Barneys was just such a singing thing. I mean, like angelic music to my ears, but with a price tag to make you incontinent. It was one of those things where I’d sneak into the store just to smell the leather and stroke the damn thing – the backpack, that is. Three months of skipped lunches later, I strolled into the store (feigning nonchalance) and with a beating heart and sweaty hands, plopped it on the counter. It was mine. Mine!

    Getting home that night I placed the bag on a pillow on the sofa to make sure it was comfortable and was woken up the next morning by my dog, Max, proudly offering me a gift: the chewed-up, slobbery leather strap, and piece of the backing of the backpack. As your fellow Midwesterner Rose Nylund of the Golden Girls exclaimed to Blanche and Dorothy after telling them the story of having lost the annual Butter Queen pageant in St. Olaf, Minnesota: “Haven’t I suffered enough?!” Having repurposed my freshman year nylon backpack I can’t help feeling its an appropriate sentiment!


  • James

    Ya know what’s worse than graduate school at Harvard? Going through it looking like a slob. Everyday, I’m outclassed by my peers, students, and faculty members…so it would be pretty amazing to actually have something stylish that didn’t come directly from a Goodwill bin.

  • Julie

    like u both on fb Julie A Scott Laws
    I would like to win this for my oldest son who needs one-his is all worn out

  • Jerry Stoffl

    On the subway, people often ask, “You work at the Exchange?” Unashamed, I lightly graze the bold NYSE emblem on my black, leather bag and say “Why, yes I do.” Little do they know that this bag was a raffle prize at my high-school afterprom and that I didn’t even know what NYSE meant when I won it. After deceiving hundreds, my guilt finally got the best of me (I am from the Midwest, after all), and I vow to dupe no longer with my Bleecker Legacy Utility Tote. Don’t do it for me, do it for the hundreds of innocent New Yorkers who deserve the truth.

    -Clean Conscience Jerry

  • Kristina

    My fiance carries a sturdy book bag with everything in it. He’s pretty well dressed, but the final accoutrement is always this black book bag with padded shoulder straps. I’m sure it does that job wonderfully, but he uses it because it is sturdy and fits everything he needs for his day. He just needs a bag that is durable, reliable, and the right size for his stuff–the Utility Tote does all that, too. :) It’s time for a clean break from the bag that brings the outfits down and a fresh start with a bag that brings them up. :)

  • Ron

    I need a bag like this because I need to grow up and start carrying an adult bag. Time to move past the North Face backpack and walmart bags and move to something more refined such as the Coach bag.

  • threadwise

    (This may be a little low and underhanded, but here goes, in hopes of appealing to your patriotism!) I am writing for my husband. He is a pilot in the U.S. Air Force with about 3,000 combat hours, (if that helps his case at all). He wouldn’t dream of writing himself, because he doesn’t think he deserves it, but he absolutely does! He is still sporting a a navy Jansport backpack from his first year of college; 1999, that is. Every pocket has some sort of rip or tear as well as the strap is about to fall off. This backpack has flown over Afghanistan, Iraq and countless other war torn countries, as he provides support to our troops there on the ground. It often carries files, laptops and top secret information. It’s a disgrace really! Information that is a matter of national security should be carried in a sturdy, smart looking tote, such as the Bleeker! My fear is that if he continues to use this old backpack, national security may be at stake. What if an important document fell out of the holes of his tired, old backpack and into the wrong hands!? He flies over dangerous territory and fights for your freedom on way less wage than they pay airline pilots! Do yourselves… nay, your fellow COUNTRYMEN a solid favor and give this man a new tote! One that is distinguished and dignified enough to be carrying Top Secret information that may affect our lives and ultimately our freedom! Do it for a VETERAN, Do it for AMERICA! (Also, it would look really great with the wingtip boots I just bought him.) ;)

    -Military Wife

  • Jeremy

    I’m a 25 year old who sadly looks 15 (yes, yes, I’ll appreciate it when I’m older). The worst part is that I work as a high school tutor, so I’ll go to a school to meet with a student and his teacher will assume I’m a new student. I’ve been using my old college backpack to carry around my supplies and it certainly doesn’t help this predicament. This bag would be such a big improvement!

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