Valentine’s Giveaway: Annaruna Bow Ties

February 6, 2012

Just in time for next week, we partnered up with the lovely Annaruna to do a giveaway

No, it’s not a date with Anna. You wish.
You missed your chance, because she’s taken by a mountaineering, slack-lining, has bigger-pecs-than-you, Kansas City boy. You’re a dog, Chris. A dawg, I tell ya.
Look at these handmade beauties. I can’t believe these three above don’t have homes.
If you want one so bad, just buy it before another sucker wins it for free on the giveaway.
Cool, we’ll announce it on one of our social media mediums on who gets the goods.

Comment, tweet or send a howler with your one-liners.

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  • michaelvuke

    Do we comment or tweet out our one-liners?

  • whatsilenceknows

    “You’re a great girl, but…”

  • Yale Hollander

    Pull my finger.

  • Nicholas Pritchett

    “I hope you like your gift, my mom helped me pick it out for you.”

  • Adam Potrzebowski

    “Honey, I’m going to do you on the desk like you’re a differential equations test.”

    True story, have a math exam that Tuesday. But I’d still wear the bow tie.

  • Rococo Cocoa is Joe

    So, who won? LOL.

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