Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 14 under $40

We asked our favorite ladies what they wanted for Valentine’s Day. 

We trust ‘em, they’ve got great taste and so kindly responded to our desperate tweets.
These ladies are intelligent, talented, quirky, strong-willed, go-getters and all-around-badass women.

The trick to good gift giving is all about picking up on cues. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to keep a running list of gift ideas when you hear her mention something that catches her eye. If your lady’s is like our ladies, these suggestions might help you save that day next week with a last-minute gift.

Ladies, thanks a million. Y’all are amazing.
Gentlemen, good luck.

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clotheshunger - As a lady, I would definitely love all those things! I don’t need an outrageously expensive present or dinner, it’s the thought that counts. /cliche


Emma Ann Robertson - Looks great guys!!!!!!!!

mallory wiegers - Allow me to add that this album is meant to be listened to in company with another: drinking tea, sketching, writing, holding, looking, dancing, joking, any things.

Favorite tracks in order of importance:

You Send Me (which is my beloved parents’ wedding song)
Desire Me
For Sentimental Reasons
No One Can Take Your Place

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