PERKS: Your Night At Nellcôte

February 23, 2012

Here are the winners, you lucky dogs:
Really wish we had more to go around…but keep at it. The giveaways are a-plenty around here.

Readers, oh readers.
We’ve got some intel for you, but we have to be quick about it. Here’s the downlow: There’s a major new restaurant opening Chicago. It’s called Nellcôte, and it’s based on the French villa of the same name that the Rolling Stones leased for a summer in 1971. They recorded “Exile on Main St.” in the basement. 
The idea behind this restaurant has got some heft: On a nightly basis they intend to recreate the infamous house party the Stones threw for “a veritable checklist of rock ‘n’ royalty including artists, style icons, deviants, socialites and creative misfits.”
If you haven’t heard about this operation already, you will soon. 

The thing is, it’s not open yet. We can get you in. Word has it, Jared Van Camp and the boys are throwing a special preview on Tuesday. Here’s what we know:
Evening of Exile
Special Nellcôte Preview
833 W. Randloph St.
Chicago, IL 60607
Fare: Trays from the executive menu. Cocktails. Wine.
Date: Tuesday, February 28
Time: 6 – 8 p.m.
All you have to do is scuba dive up the Chicago River, find a way through the underwater tunnels, unzip your wet suit, brush off the tux you had on the whole time, and enjoy the party. Alright, alright it’s way simpler than that. 
We’ve got a total of eight (8) tickets, and we’d love it if you’d come party with us.

 You can get ‘em by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. Then do one of the following:

The lucky ones will be chosen at random. This is open to everyone. But please, only throw your hat in the ring if you will be in Chicago on Feb. 28. That’s Tuesday.

Hop to it! And for heavens’ sake, dress nice.
Photos courtesy of Potluck Creative.

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  • The Put-Man

    Done, and done!

  • tuchler814

    on it! i’ll be going either way but would love to go on the soon side!

  • Brennan

    Let’s do this.

  • stylechild

    looking forward to checking out more of your blog and partying with you at Nellcote!

  • Aaron

    Looks fancy, I’m in.

  • Unknown

    Yes! I’d love to attend!

  • SingingReporter

    Yess please and thank you!

  • johari

    i’d love to attend, please randomly pick me.

  • LVH

    Pick meeeeeee

  • Jean

    Unbelievably excited for this place to open.

  • ebernal13

    Done and done!

  • Ethan

    Jeff an co!

    This is all me!

  • Jacob M

    Sounds amazing! I’d love to go.

  • Tugboat

    Definitely down!

  • Elliott

    Let’s Rip This Joint.

  • Lindsey

    Followed and liked. Crossing my fingers…

  • James

    Would be great to attend – appreciate the opportunity.

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