October 27, 2011

I love novelty sweaters.
And by novelty, I mean obnoxious.

This “Duck Hunt” sweater triggers memories. Memories of my brother and I sitting in front of our large, practically furniture-sized television in our basement, non-stop clicking the Nintendo gun for pegging ducks off the screen. We spent hours mastering this game, totally cheating when the other got suckered into to running upstairs to grab the pizza rolls that Mom so kindly prepared for us.

I snagged this sweater at Arizona Trading Company in Kansas City when I flew back to see my baby niece. (Yeah, this guy is an Uncle! Congrats, Brother and Sister-In-Law.) Per usual, I did the rounds in Kansas City in hopes of scoring glorious plunder. I’d call this sweater alone a win in itself. If you wanna shell out the big bucks, Mr. Porter and Need Supply have a few options for the animal at heart.

On Jeff: Thrifted “Duck Hunt” sweater ($6) by Montgomery Ward from Arizona Trading Company; thrifted denim shirt ($1) from Salvation Army; thrifted bomber jacket with faux shearling trim ($12) from Salvation Army; grey slim-fit “Davis” chinos ($70) by Club Monaco.
Photography by Jarred Donalson

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  • two birds

    who doesn’t love an obnoxious sweater? not that this is…i truly love it!

  • mallory wiegers

    seriously can’t wait to swipe this when i visit

  • ScoutVintage

    I ALSO love novelty sweaters! Great find.

  • dani

    This sweater is amaaaazinggggg. Truly!

  • Azalea

    My brothers and i spent HOURs playing Duck Hunt back in the day. Love the sweater.

  • Jackietron

    Lovely blog! If you’re in Chicago this weekend, be sure to check out CITY SOLES in Wicker Park for the Cushe Trunk show Saturday, October 29th. Shop shoes all weekend long :-)

  • Dillon

    That sweater is awesome. Your guys’ blog is awesome as well. Keep up the great work!

  • fritts

    Missouri Goldenrod! I studied that a lot in ecology.

  • Ashley

    Is it just me or does Jeff look like Dr. Who?

  • Matthew Hranek

    my dad owned that sweater and wore it til’ his dying day. thanks for bringing it back into my life


    montgomery ward! lol. that sweater is awesome.

  • raneytown

    yep. sweater is awesome.


    awesome sweater….first photo is a dream!

  • Hannah

    I love this outfit. It reminds me of a page out of a Land’s End catalog. Great outfit.

  • wreckedstellar

    Love me a duck sweater.

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