Friday Wrap-Up: Topman

Okay, party people. It’s the end of the week. And what a week it was. Quick rundown, then you can get outta here!
Tuesday: Sneak preview of Buckshot Sonny’s, which will launch at a certain men’s market in the Midwest this weekend. Wastler looked like a kid at Christmas as he opened the bats, baseballs and caps that arrived in the mail.

Wednesday: An unexpected invitation to an exclusive party hosted by Sir Philip Green to celebrate the launch of Topshop’s new Chicago location on Michigan Avenue. Full write-up coming on that place, but for now, suffice it to say the night was insane. A few highlights:
  • Cocktails, dinner and an after-party at the Paris Club
  • Gerard Butler
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Miley Cyrus dancing
  • Miley Cyrus dancing in Jeff’s suspenders
  • You’ll have to ask him about that
  • Did I mention my quick chat with Rahm Emanuel?*
  • So, one of the most memorable birthdays ever
For more on the celebrity element, check out Ernest Wilkins’ read on the night for RedEye.

Friday: I’m hastily tossing some clothes in the Saddleback and hop in the truck for a casual road trip with Max Wastler and Joe Gannon to Minnesota. Why Minnesota? Oh, no reason…except that NorthernGRADE is this weekend. Next week, there will be a full recap of shenanigans, characters and adventures encountered there.
If you’re in Minneapolis, say hiโ€”and come check out Wastler and Gannon’s new project, Buckshot Sonny’s.
Now go take on the weekend.

*And by “quick chat,” I mean: We made eye contact, and I said, “Hey!” He said “Hi.” Then he walked on.

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mallory wiegers - you forgot to mention the best lunchtime hangout. and that everyone took off their clothes

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