Back to School….Or Work.

August 18, 2011

We Mizzou alumni (and current Tiger) are beginning to gear up for fall.

So, we rounded up some goods we wouldn’t mind getting our paws on.



Jeff’s Back to School Work Wishlist:

Seth’s Back to School Work Wishlist:

Cam’s Back to Work School Wishlist:
What’s on your Back to School Wishlist?
Or if you’re in the working world, like Seth and I, what are you treating yourself to in celebration of fall?
  • Adrian

    That hoofpick belt is nice, but at $138, it’s really pricey. On my wishlist is one from Narragansett Leathers for $47.

  • Aimee

    Love this post. I’m a new fan, but I really enjoy the style of your guys’ writing. Check out my back to (work) wishlist here

    Keep up the good work boys. You’ve got a lady admirer in San Francisco :)

  • James

    The railroad spike cuff is pretty awesome. I wish that I accessorized better.

  • David Dawson

    Jeff, what’s that bag you’re swinging? Is that the one that was fortuitously gifted to you by a roommate? Regardless, it’s awesome.

  • martawillcox

    omg i want a barbour jacket soooo bad.

  • Abi

    @Seth, didn’t you forget to put White-out on your list?

  • mallory wiegers

    love some rifle paper co. jefe. seth, i expect you to wear that tie when you take me out come november.

  • Seth J. Putnam

    Mallory, I expect you to bring me that tie when you take me out come November.

    Abi, the Y2K stockpiles haven’t run out yet.

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