What I’m Wearing Today: Pop o’ orange.

Will of Momentum of Failure started a small revolution in the menswear blogosphere called, The 100 Days of Ties Project.
image source: rugby.com
In short: Throw on a tie, son.
And to keep the ball rollin’, Will invites dudes alike to submit photos of their presentation for the day.
Check it:
We’re redoing the bathroom upstairs, so, “No, that’s not shit on the wall.”
I’m loving this coral/orange/poppy color this spring.
Also, an instant upgrade for the Clark Wallabeesto welcome in this spring weather with the new laces from J.CREW.
Three-year-old Wallabees (Cargo Largo, $40) by Clark; “The Henley” 14-ounce dry selvedge (Standard Style, $198) by Baldwin Denim, size 28; Leather bomber jacket (thrifted, $6) , size 40; Gant shirt (thrifted, $3), medium; woven leather belt (thrifted, $2); grey-linen blend tie (thrifted, $1.50); THE BEST EFFING PEN IN THE WORLD, Pilot G2 Ultra Fine .38 nib.
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john doe - Clark Wallabees for $40.00???? WOW! I’ve never seen them less than $100.00

Jeff - Emily – the great thing about that button down is the pattern. love it, but! it’s ill-fitting. throw a jacket over it and the problem is solved. :)

Mal – .38 or death.

Leilani – Hey! It’s the journalist/OCD in me to always be prepared to take a note. A tie and a bomber jacket, I kind of dig it.

Jami – imjustsayin’

Jami Nato - dude, you are funny. i wouldn’t have thought that was poop on the wall…way too high.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) - I think it’s great that you have a pen clipped into your bomber jacket, kind of nerdy meets badass. I’ve also liked it when gentlemen mix in a tie with a more casual outfit, good outfit combo yet again.

mallory wiegers - oh, I forgot to add you are sorely mistaken about your pen choice. Pilot Precise V5 forever

mallory wiegers - Jeff, I love that you’re taking mirror pix. also, i have the same belt in a camel color. I stole it from papa Wiegers—the man is the epitome of style.

Emily Allison - Jeff, I love how sharp looking your button-down is. I’d totally be lying though if I didn’t admit that the braided belt is my favorite part of this outfit.

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