Thrifty Thursday: “Hunter” Wellington Rainboots, belt, backpack & blue jacket

March 10, 2011
I’ve wanted a pair of rain boots for while and this past fall, it finally clicked: Wellingtons.
I know Wellies are an England dig (Seth’s edit: Yeah, and what exactly is wrong with that?!), but I was tired of slopping around in a pair that I picked up from the thrift store that were too big, too clunky and didn’t mesh well with my slim-cut jeans. Nordstrom and Halls weren’t picking up Wellies this past fall/winter season because “it’s not for the target market in the Midwest.” Lame. File under: Reasons why I dislike the Midwest.
eBay anyone? $30 bucks sound okay? Sounds good. SOUNDS GREAT.
Factory defects like blooming & scratches? That was going to happen anyway…
I pulled the trigger on a pair for 30 bones and have been a happy camper ever since. The backpack was a great find in high school (yes, five years ago) for $3.
The belt I picked up at Urban Outfitters this past winter for $4.99. It’s also 100 percent real leather. Urban. Come on, you’re killing me. Just when I threw you on my shit list for “this place is trashed, literally” and “I can’t find anything that fits me…” you go and surprise me with a real leather belt that matches my Baldwins. Thanks, guy.
Matching natural leather belt with the natural leather from the Baldwins, huh?
You know I love that pop of color/flannel.
I know Cam got that badass Steven Alan Parka, and well, I’d like to think he got the itch from me. Flannel lined, kinda cool. Picked it up for $5 and it surprisingly fits very well for being made in Taiwan and from a brand I’ve never heard of called “Repage.”
Wellington rainboots (eBay, $30) by Hunter, size 10UK; grey Burkee slim-fit sweatshirt (retail, $62) by Jack Spade, extra-small; “The Henley” 14-ounce dry selvedge (Standard Style Boutique, $198) by Baldwin Denim, size 28; backpack (thrifted, $5); natural leather belt (retail, $4.99) by Urban Outfitters; blue parka with flannel lining (thrifted, $5) by Repage, size “perfect for me.”

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  • glenmcmurry

    Did Jarred take those pictures? Well done.

    Nice find on the belt.

    I have only been in Urban once and my only thought was “which side is the mens and which side is the womens?” I think it must be me because people seem to love it.
    Also, from the Queen: “You’re Welcome.”

  • glenmcmurry

    That would be “men’s” and “women’s”… sorry Seth

  • Jeff

    Glen – Jarred has been more than a help in responding to my erratic calls in the middle of the day not knowing that I’m going to be dragging him through fields, underpasses and Westport. Tell Lizzy I said whats up and to ship me a Barbour jacket, size 36L.

  • David

    Oh man, hunters are legit. I’ve been looking for a pair for a while. They look killer with those jeans and that parka.

  • The Thriftaholic (Leilani)

    I’d be on the fence about Hunters for a while (as they’re expensive and EVERYONE seems to have them here) but if I could get them for $30 like you did it would be a ‘go’ especially with all the wet weather we’ve been having.

    Lots of great bargain finds in your outfit, I feel the same way about UO though they do carry some decent shoes.

  • businesstravelforecast

    I just wanted to say that your fits are not only fantastic but are a real breath of fresh air in an increasingly stale mens style blogosphere. This whole blog is great. Keep up the great work!

  • Jami Nato

    i bought nato a pair of rain boots, but he made me take them back. i tried, mkay.

  • Paul Short

    Here is where I am going to have to make a departure from my full trust of the men of Midwestyle.The rainboots are trashy. Rainboots for men, what Uggs are for women. Ugh.

  • Seth J. Putnam

    Paul – To each his own. We like hearing as many opinions as possible.

    I’m not sure I’d wear Wellingtons in the city either…but that could be because I grew up on a farm, and mine were always covered in goat crap from mucking out dairy stalls. If Jeff wants to bring his to the Putnam house sometime, he’ll be perfectly (and stylishly, I must say) equipped.

  • Jeff

    jami- you keep nato looking fresh, count the rain boot loss as just another way of saying, “hey babe. i got my own swagger.” i saw someone else with shoe clips on their flats the other day & thought of you!

  • Jeff

    David – Thanks man. They go well tucked in with a pair of slim denim or khakis even, I’ve rocked both before. The sizing is tricky when ordering them from eBay, unless you can try on a pair of Nordstrom or Bloomingdales.

  • Christina

    I just want to say how much I love my Hunter Wellingtons. I am glad you were able to find an affordable pair on Ebay. I bought mine while in Chicago for work at the Nordstrom at the shops on Michigan. They were a hefty price tag for me, but every time I look at them I am blinded by love. Yours look great! And now I wish I would have waited to find a pair on Ebay. But you can’t stop true love, can you? Now I feel like I should write a post on mine. Haha

  • Jeff

    Christina – They really are a great boot, rain boot in particular. The slender cut of them provides a nice clean line for my slim denim. At times, I wish I could just buy the digs right off the spot but I actually just didn’t have the opportunity to purchase them myself at Nordstrom because, like I said, they weren’t in my region. :(

  • Marta

    i’ve been kind of disappointed by my hunters. granted, they are delightful looking. one year in the insole started peeling up painfully. customer service was not interested in my whining and gave me nothing. ugh.

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