One sport coat, three looks.

Jeff’s still here. We also got a little carried away with the camera. The lens brought out the worst best in us, and Jeff wanted to show how one sport coat can be used in a variety of different looks.

Jeff: You do not need many jackets or sport coats in your wardrobe. Perhaps a blue blazer and a grey sportcoat. Whatever is your style and the season. However for the winter, I got my hands on a grey sport coat and having been experimenting with different ways to wear it. 3 looks, 1 sport coat. The sport coat is a Billtornade one, shrunken size small. I’m 6’2 and about 150lbs, soaking wet.

WORK: Ok, not so professional. Gotta stay on the grind.
Baldwins “the Henley”, Filson tote, 1901 blue bucks.
CASUAL: Why not throw a blazer over your sweatshirt.
Jack Spade slim fit crewneck, Marc by Marc Jacobs slim fit slacks.
PLAY: Striped tee and sport coat. Sure.
American Apparel tee, Gant by Michael Bastian F/W destroyed khakis, thrifted Bass shoes.

Why you need a good sportcoat?
WORK: Throw it on over a button down for an interview.
CASUAL: Throw it on over a sweatshirt so you make your look at little more put together but comfortable.
PLAY: Throw it on over a t-shirt and pray for the coming of spring to arrive with some stripes.

Go ahead and throw a sportcoat over your t-shirt and jeans, hell, even try it over a slim-fitting sweatshirt.

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Seth J. Putnam - Absolutely. A blazer over something without a collar generally looks sort of seedy. Kind of like a v-neck sweater over a crew-neck T-shirt. Weird. Nice when it works to break the rule, though.

Daniel Cummings - I love the striped tee and jacket combo, and I’m not a huge fan of anything but a button down under a sport coat/blazer.

jeff - Haha, we were debating whether or not to put the “grinding” one up…but we said to hell with “professionalism” and threw it in to mix it up. I mean, when you got Yeezy playing, you know.

I left my blue blazer back in Kansas City, in lieu of the wool sport coat being a little warmer for this windy city. And I forgot my damn coat thinking it was in the 50s. Wrong, it’s still cold.

David - Haha that first photo is awesome. Definitely some good looks. The navy blazer is probably my favorite thing to wear because it instantly takes the rest of the outfit up a notch. Today I gotta roll all three of the looks into one since I’m going straight from work to the bar so I’m going with a navy blazer, an OCBD, a repp tie, jeans and loafers.

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