Jobbing it in Chi-city

February 17, 2011

Jeff—dude on the left—came to visit Chicago (but probably more importantly to interview for some jobs this week.)
Clad obnoxiously in a bright-yellow windbreaker, he was waiting outside the El station, and I joked that I was glad I got to him before the ruffians did.
Jeff loves playing dress-up, so I made some photos of his job-hunting attire before he went to meet some folks in the local menswear world. I was especially intrigued (read: envious) with his jeans from Baldwin Denim. They’re damn comfortable, not to mention they’re near and dear to our hearts for being home-grown in Kansas City, Mo. Really, they deserve their own post—which they’ll get soon when we take a look at the finer elements of denim and the story a good pair of selvedge jeans tells about the wearer.
One of these days, I’ll also take a look at the price points in men’s style—and maybe get to the bottom of why in the hell Esquire, one of the best magazines ever, thinks you should pay a couple thousand bucks for a pea coat.
Jeff- You can thank me, your PR flak and life coach, later. I accept payment in booze, gold ingots, jewels, stories or Baldwin jeans.

Baldwin denim 6months, no wash “the Henley” dry stretch $198, Filson Canvas tote $40reg $80 (ebay), Nordstrom 1901 blue suede bucks $44reg $99, American Apparel White Oxford Button down $50, J.CREW leather belt $4.99reg $25, Timex Camper Watch $18reg $25 (amazon), Thrifted Van Heusen tie $1, Thrifted antique rifle tie bar $6, Billtornade Wool Small Blazer $210reg $680.

  • Glen

    Awesome. Glad to hear this.

    By the way, am I the only person who comments on this great blog?
    Where is the love?
    Everybody get up!

  • Seth J. Putnam

    Errrybody hands go UP—and they stay there.

  • mallory wiegers

    aww jeff! you’re looking quite handsome.

    seth, where are you personal accounts of your wardrobe? jump on the bandwagon. cam did it. i’m thinking mirror pics.

  • Seth J. Putnam

    If you knew me, you’d know I was shuddering at even the thought of that, Miss Wiegers. Bloggers who take pigeon-toed pictures of themselves to post on their own blog…kinda gross me out. (Like this one.) I can’t promise it’ll never happen, but for the most part, you can forget it.

  • Christine

    Go Jeff go!

    (to appease Glen…. and to cheer on Jeff jeff)

  • jessie

    love the different looks on jeff! i shot a few street style photos of him last week as he was walking out of hall’s with his new jacket and i’m posting them next week, so stay tuned!

  • katie


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